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Get More Clients With A Salon Instagram Business Profile

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Get More Clients With A Salon Instagram Business Profile

More likely than not, your salon has an Instagram page. However, a recent update rolled out and we believe it’s only going to be beneficial to you: it’s time to switch to a salon Instagram business profile!

Worry not, I’ll be going through all the steps to make that switch happen and will also help you understand the advantages of doing so. And so enough talking, let’s get to business!

Why You Should Switch To A Salon Instagram Business Profile

In a day in age where you need to understand your customers and audience in order to grow, we believe switching to Instagram’s business profile is worth the 10 minutes it’ll take you to do it.

Access Your Profile’s Analytics

Instagram is owned by Facebook so it comes as no surprise that the new analytics (they’re called ‘Insights’ on Instagram) look similar. With this new functionality, understand who your followers are, when they’re online and how many people viewed your salon’s post.

salon instagram business profile

salon instagram business profile

“Contact” Button

In addition to getting access to all this valuable information, the new business profile makes it easier on your clients or potential client to get in touch with you.

When switching your account to a business profile, you’ll be asked to give three pieces of contact information:

  • Your business’ address

  • Your salon’s phone number

  • A contact email

Then, an extra contact button is added next to the one your click to edit your profile. And it makes it that much easier for users to get in touch!

salon instagram business profile

How To Switch: Step-by-Step

  1. Open Instagram > Go to your profile > Tap on the gear icon (top right).
  2. In your account settings, you should see a line that reads “Switch to Business Profile”.
  3. Tap it, and hit ‘continue’ > Connect your Salon’s Facebook page.
  4. Enter your contact details and your done!

salon instagram business profile

Get Clients To Book Online With Instagram

Similar to your Facebook page, you can (and should!) add your Phorest booking link to your salon Instagram business profile.

  1. Open your Instagram account, then click “Edit Your Profile”.
  2. Type in your booking link (example: in the “Website” section.
  3. Insert a “call to action” text in your bio (example: “Book an appointment here.”). Try using downward pointing emoticons. This will bring attention to the link when people view your profile.

When you post a photo maybe add in a bit of extra text to promote your online bookings!

“Book an appointment online. Link in bio.” – is enough to to the trick

salon instagram business profile

It’s important to mention this when you post new content. Your followers might not see all of your posts, or they might just need a gentle reminder to book an appointment. Also, learn how to schedule posts on Instagram with this article right here!

3 Extra Small New Instagram Features

  • Save drafts
    A client walked in as you were posting a new photo to your brand new salon Instagram business profile? No worries, hit the back button as if you were going to choose a new photo and save your draft! Please note that you’ll only see the ‘Save Draft’ option if you’ve added filters, a caption, or a location to a photo before hitting the back button.
  • Filter or disable comments
    Is your profile being spammed? Tap the gear icon on your profile, go into ‘Comments’ and list words you consider offensive, spammy or inappropriate. Comments with these words will no longer appear on your posts.
  • Zoom in on Instagram pictures
    Finally! Simply pinch the picture to zoom in on it, exactly like you would do on Facebook.

One last thing, while you’re at it – why not do your social media event coverage with Snapchat? Are you not yet on the platform? Download our brand new Snapchat eBook and start reaching a younger audience today!

Thanks for reading!


salon instagram business profile


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