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Get Your Copy: The Back In Business Playbook!

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Get Your Copy: The Back In Business Playbook

You should be proud! You’ve worked hard and made it through this far of the lockdown keeping your salon business alive while closed. Of course, the next step is getting back in business and we want to help make sure you accomplish this next step safely and successfully and reopen stronger than ever. Download your copy of our latest ebook including 30 pages of advice, tips and checklists!

Your guide to reopening strong, staying open safely, and getting your business back on track

Reopening your salon requires grit, passion and determination. The good news is we know you’ve got that in spades. But that’s not all it’s going to take. Salon owners are also going to have to comply with tricky new health and safety legislation, have complex messaging to share with their clients and manage a new way of working with their teams.

What to expect from this eBook:

  • Managing your operations: first steps to take, revisiting the treatment menu, booking management, staff rostering, staff safety, planning social distancing measures in your salon, communicating with your team, deep cleaning and ongoing cleaning schedules
  • Communicating with your team: back in business communication plan, booking priorities, pre-appointment messaging and consultations, screening for COVID-19, rethinking your client experience
  • Your salon reopening finances: managing your overheads and service, calculating your salon’s revenue shortfall

… and a look at Phorest Salon Software’s new revenue-boosting online features!

Fill out the form below to get your PDF copy by email (this can take a few minutes):

Other back in business resources

We know you’re preparing to unleash your superpowers and get back to treating your clients to your five star service again. Which is why we’ve got your back with the Back in Business toolkit. It has everything every salon needs, including email and SMS templates, wellbeing practice guides for the new normal as well as data and advice from those who have been there before.

Phorest clients can also now use our brand new appointment control features, client filtering options, COVID-specific messaging and Online Booking banners. Click here to visit our Reopening Resource Centre updated weekly with new advice, blogs, podcasts and Government information.

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