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Classical Hair & Beauty Salon Music For Mellow Mornings

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Classical Hair & Beauty Salon Music For Mellow Mornings

One thing I love about Spotify is the ability to create and share playlists – we do it for ourselves and friends all the time! And because it’s so hard to define one hair and beauty salon music style to fit all needs, we thought some of you might appreciate a couple of different styles! So with that in mind, we are delighted to give you access to our very latest Salon Spotify List: The Phorest Salon Contemporary Classical Playlist! Perfect for rainy days or mellow mornings.

Personally, I find classical music very calming, whether it be made up of strings and synths or piano. So some days, like today, I like to stray from my usual go-to playlists and put on my classical hat. Here’s my Monday morning selection for you.

Classical hair and beauty salon music to start the day off smoothly

Did you know that music has a physical effect on the human body? It can even play a heavy hand in influencing buying behavior.

Classical music is said to cause the heartbeat and pulse rate to relax, matching the beat of the music. This is said by many to help the mind concentrate while keeping the body relaxed. 

beauty salon music

Why not give our brand new Phorest Spotify playlist a try and see how relaxed your clients become? This one is nothing too long, as not everyone enjoys classical music. However, we will be updating it on a regular basis so if you have any suggestions or favorites, be sure you let us know in the comments below!

Want to access this playlist? Just fill in your details below:

Don’t go just yet; we’ve updated your Salon Summer Vibes Playlist!

salon music playlist

Listen to the playlist on Spotify!

Newest additions to the list

In Our Bones by Against The Current

Gather Up by Heathers

Renegades by X Ambassadors

Devil Side by Foxes

Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz

Rising Water by James Vincent McMorrow

Wild by Troye Sivan & Alessia Cara

(Taking My) Freedom by Postaal

Cool2 by Hoops

You Don’t Know Love by Olly Murs

A quick marketing idea

Why not ask your clients what style of music they’re into? Create your own Spotify playlists without the hassle of curating! When a client walks in, you could ask them to write down their favorite song of the moment and drop the title in a box at reception when they go to pay for their service or treatment. Collect the answers, separate them into different music styles and start curating your own hair and beauty salon music lists based on your clients’ taste!

Do you have any suggestions or special requests? Either drop a comment below or tweet us at @thephorestword!

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Disclaimer: Please note you need a licence to play music in public. Spotify state they are not comfortable with public consumption of music through their platform. It is the salon’s risk and responsibility to play the following playlist in their salon. Please check the terms and conditions of Spotify for public broadcasting.


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