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If Your Salon Was A Book… What Would The Cover Look Like? – Gill Morris

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If Your Salon Was A Book… What Would The Cover Look Like? – Gill Morris

“You get the clients you deserve…” This was a statement made by Industry Expert Gill Morris at this year’s unforgettable Salon Owners Summit.

When I heard it, I was immediately captivated. I wanted to know more about what exactly Gill Morris meant by that statement.

So I decided to contact her and ask if she would like to expand upon it. And I think you are going to truly enjoy what comes next:

“You Get The Clients You Deserve” – Gill Morris


No matter what you do, what you say and how you convey yourself and your business, people will make assumptions on whether or not your salon is right for them.

Gill Morris explains that one of the strongest forms of communication that salons harness when presenting themselves to clients is through pricing. “Because price is an indicator of quality, whether people realise it or not.”

Say for example, you are walking down the street. If you walk by a shop and there is an outfit in the window that is £500 and then you walk by another shop, with a similar outfit that is £125. We will presume that the £500 suit is going to be better quality. That is a fair assumption (and one that we all make as well).

So many times, we look to external reasons as to why our businesses aren’t going the direction we thought they would. However, when you think about it for a second, the direction is completely our decision!

“You decide how much you charge. You decide on the staff you have. You decide on the uniforms and the decor of the business. You decide on the Treatment Menu. You decide whether to have cheap or nice toilet paper.”

All of these things are subliminal messages that you send to your potential customers.

“I am cheap and cheerful” or “I am expensive, so that means I am top quality, which means that I am also cost-effective.”

Gill Morris advises that you really need to think long and hard about who it is that you are appealing to. Because there is a market for cheap and cheerful. And there are people who do seek out cheap and cheerful.

But these people aren’t necessarily loyal. Their loyalty lies only with the lowest price and anybody else who is cheaper.

“Will you have customers? Yes, you will. But will you make decent money? I doubt it.”

Think about it this way:

There’s A Reason Why Books Have Covers


You know the old phrase don’t just a book by it’s cover? That phrase never really worked, to be honest. Because the cover of a book is designed specifically to attract the attention of readers who would be interested in that type of novel. Otherwise, people wouldn’t have a clue which book to choose.

So what if your salon was a book? What would the cover look like? Describe it.. Write it down…

Because one thing we may not think of is that no matter what you do, your book has a cover. But do you think that the content of your book matches the cover?

Pretty good food for thought, right? 😉

If you are having a little trouble thinking about the type of clients that are attracted to your salon, Gill Morris also has a little exercise that you can do:

Think about which companies, suppliers or shops that you are drawn to? Make a list and then this evening, how about you analyse why you might be drawn to them. What makes them stand out in your mind?

The answer could most definitely help you discover who it is that your business connects to and ensure that the clients you deserve match your hopes and expectations.

Thanks for reading.

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