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Building Your Salon/Spa’s Online Presence? Mind Your Manners!

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Building Your Salon/Spa’s Online Presence? Mind Your Manners

Social media is all about exchanging and building/nurturing relationships. The more genuine you are, the better. The internet has enough trolls and bots. People are looking for real connections and opportunities to get inspired, share, learn and create. Especially when you’re trying to grow your online presence through Instagram and Twitter.

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Build Your Online Presence Through Conversation

Whether it be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platform, rules can change overnight. You have to be attentive, or you could quickly end up going against etiquette, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. Over time, however, some of the rules for conversational platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, seem to have stuck.


    • If you’re re-posting a photo and have had the permission to do so, make sure you always give credit or say who the photo belongs to.
    • Vary your content and make it original using photos, videos, testimonials, reviews, etc.
    • Don’t use random hashtags just to use them.
    • Don’t follow and unfollow people to build your audience.
    • Don’t use a commenting bot.


  • Don’t just follow people; engage with them.
  • Thank people often.
  • Have a sense of humour.
  • Don’t hound people. Instead, win their trust by educating them with your content.
  • Don’t tweet too often (20+ times a day can be a little much).

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On a ‘thank you’ note… Don’t forget thank clients for commenting and taking the time to contact you. If you respond timely and politely this will reflect well on your business’ online presence and encourage others to get in touch with you! Find accounts that reflect potential ideal clients and start engaging with them!

Another part of having an online presence is to provide an extension of your services via your website or social media. Fill your channels with helpful, straightforward information like the products you stock or the prices of your services. Better yet, implement an online spa booking system to make the experience of scheduling appointments in your salon or spa seamless.

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Featured imaged shot on location of David Ryan Salon, in Dublin. © 2017 Phorest Salon Software.

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