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Phorest Client Experience Award 2016: Your Clients Love You!

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Like Kool & The Gang would sing in the 80s, let’s “celebrate good times” because “there’s a party goin’ on right here, a celebration to last throughout the years!” Yes, that’s right: it’s time to celebrate the Phorest Client Experience Award 2016 recipients!

As per last year and unlike most other honorable awards, The Phorest Client Experience Award 2016 is not based on public votes or judging panels, but rather on how the people who spend money in your salon or clinic felt about what you provided them throughout the year. The REAL test.

To those of you who have received the prestigious award this year, your clients have put your team in the top 3% of all hair and beauty salons and spas in Ireland and the UK! CONGRATULATIONS!

The Phorest Client Experience Award 2016

At Phorest, we believe retention is the most important metric when it comes to running a successful salon. Why? Because retention is powered by the love your clients have for you, your team and what you do.

The Phorest Client Experience Award is based on customer reviews, because who can talk about your world-class service better than your clients!

Hence, to receive the esteemed recognition, client reviews had to make for an average rating that remained at over four-out-of-five from May 2015 to May 2016. To those who received it, let me say that again… your average rating, so congratulations once more.

Celebrating in style!

Some of our fab clients have sent us in photos of their new awards and their beautiful teams! Here are some of the best celebrations pictures of the Phorest Client Experience Award 2016 we’ve received in the past week or so:

Phorest Client Experience Award 2016 Phorest Client Experience Award 2016Phorest Client Experience Award 2016 Phorest Client Experience Award 2016

Oh, and for those of you who haven’t got their hands on a digital version of your Award, please reach out to my colleagues on and we’ll be delighted to send you one out!

Missed out on the Phorest Client Experience Award 2016?

Worry not, all isn’t lost. The good news is that you can change that right away! All you have to do is turn on your email and SMS reviews in the Marketing > Reviews > Settings section of your Phorest Salon Software and choose at which frequency the requests for reviews should be sent out to your clients (email or SMS).

Best of luck for 2017!

But before we let you go, did you know that this year’s Salon Owners Summit’s theme is all about team building and creating a culture of initiative in your salon? Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from our Salon Owners Summit 2017 speakers Andy Bounds, Mary Portas and other experts like them!

Request a callback today for more info on prices, summit speakers and parties around the main event! For info on accommodation, speakers and the likes, keep an eye on:

Are you not a Phorest Salon Software Client but are looking to take your salon to the next level? Then why not request a free demo of our software!

Thanks for reading!


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