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5 Easy Tips to Be a Master of Networking at Salon & Spa Events

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5 Easy Tips to Be a Master of Networking at Salon & Spa Events

Welcome to the latest episode of the salon growth series! With our recent announcement about the Salon Owners Summit keynote speaker, we got the idea to talk about mastering the art of salon and spa event networking.


We have all been there. That ‘totes awky momo’ when you walk into a room full of people who are already talking to each other. You don’t know anyone but try to look busy so you won’t look alone.


Worry not, this video has you covered. Also, we left the mistakes in this time as it’s just us and a bit more real. Should we do that in future? Let us know in the comments!

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Checklist: 5 Top Tips for Networking at Salon and Spa events

  1. If you are on your own, find someone else who is alone. It can be intimidating approaching groups. And don’t forget, someone who is also flying solo will appreciate the company!
  2. Worried that you have nothing to say? Congratulations, that means you have the upper hand. Why? The greatest networkers and best communicators are the people who listen. Making people feel like they have a captivated audience helps them earn respect for you because you, subconsciously, make them feel great. Use your new power wisely 😉
  3. According to Dale Carnegie, who authored the book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, the sweetest word in the English language that you can ever utter to someone is their name. Drop a person’s name over and over in a conversation e.g. “Oh wow, I guess I never thought about it that way, Valerie”.

             Plus… it helps you remember their name through repetition.

    4. Follow-up. Get a card, Twitter handle, phone number or email address from people you talk to. Only a FRACTION of people ever follow-up. Be different and reach out. The beauty of this is that you are building a network of people you will see at a future salon or spa event meaning less awkward moments and more deep and meaningful connections.

    5.   Ask the event organisers if you can get a list of people attending. This can really help you assess who you should talk to at the event. If you reach out in advance and arrange to meet someone, you will have some great networking from the get-go and no moments of awkwardness.

Thanks for reading guys. If you would like more information on the Salon Owners Summit, then request a call back here or see our latest blog post.


Enjoy honing your networking skills at your next salon or spa event!


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