Simplifying Christmas For Your Customers, Will Ensure They Buy From You

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Simplifying Christmas For Your Customers, Will Ensure They Buy From You

In my last post I warned you that it was time to start thinking about your Christmas Clientele So here are my top three tips. Make sure that you apply them to get the most out of the holiday season.

Sue Woodall

1. Use 3 price points for voucher sales that suit 3 budgets, 3 is the magic number when it comes to choosing! For example getting 3 estimates when deciding to buy something of value is normal. We do that all the time, it’s because you can choose which price point’s suit your budget or offers the most value. Add value to your packages as cutting prices just cuts your bottom line! This can be achieved by creating packages that can be done at the same time on the same day.

These are just examples so you can get the idea;

  1. €125 Top spend.
  2. €75 Medium spend.
  3. €45 Basic spend.

Price according to your market, you will probably notice the middle offer sells the most.

2. Separate the voucher offers into “Look Good” and “Feel Good” packages. For products separate into categories e.g. face or body and a face and body gift basket (the latter could be the top price gift basket). The reason being for example if a man comes in and does not know what to buy his partner, the selling get’s easy e.g. “Does your partner like facials or massage or both?” Investigating and asking questions will denote the best choice for him to get the best product match for his partner. There is an opportunity to up sell here so give your staff a little session on “How to up sell”, it will pay off in the long run.

3. Use tempting words that create a feeling of “spoil me “. For example words like :- Indulge, Experience, Ritual, nurture, look fabulous etc. These are words that create desire (“I want that”) feelings.

– Use pictures too (keep them small), remember keep it simple, It’s not all about the picture. Getting the client’s attention is the main objective, creating a feeling so clients look, read and then buy. If you can create that “ohhh” reaction when someone reads your ad or notices your poster you’re on to a winner.

Well I wish you good luck with creating your Christmas promotion and remember value for money always sells as does clarity and simplicity.

Sue Woodall, a salon management expert, has been running successful salons for more than 20 years and now works with Phorest salon owners. Phorest.comis the leading salon software company in the UK and Ireland.


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