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A New Era, a New Look & the Gift of Growth

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A New Era, a New Look & the Gift of Growth

It’s 2004. 

Phorest’s CEO Ronan Perceval is hunched underneath the salon reception desk, troubleshooting a hardware issue in the first infant version of Phorest’s Software.

“I wondered if I would ever truly delight the salon owner waiting in front of me. I can barely remember what else happened that day, but I remember this very clearly. It was my goal to make sure that everything in her growing business was working smoothly and I knew if I got it right, together we could bring more revenue in through her door.”

Of course, we now know that he did. Fast forward to 2022 and Phorest has become a global success story with over 9,000 businesses using its products and services. With each new business that joins, Phorest is inspired to be better. We understand that behind these businesses are real people — with very real ambitions for growth. And so their dreams become ours too.

Celebrating that journey and growing with its innovation and team, Phorest has revealed a brand new look, for a new era. One with the people behind the industry right at the heart of it and innovation and passion behind every screen. 

But it’s what comes with our new look that matters most to us and you, our incredible clients.

Revealing the Phorest Growth Fund: £100K to Give Back to Salons the World Over

The global Phorest Growth Fund is a financial stepping stone for salons that have plans for growth but struggle to secure funding, loans or finance to level up. It’s our commitment to give a minimum of £100,000 back to salon businesses in 2022.

“Phorest was born on the salon floor,” says Perceval. “We know what it’s like to be at the heart of a business that is striving for excellence but we are also acutely aware of the challenges facing the industry when it comes to growing that business.

The Phorest Growth Fund is there purely to give back to the community that has given us so much. From our own research, we know that for 42% of salons getting established, business planning and finances was the biggest challenge they faced, while 24% — a quarter of all salon businesses — struggle with getting appropriate loans or funding.”

Get all the details about the Phorest Growth Fund

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Ronan unveiled the Phorest Growth Fund initiative on Phorest’s Facebook Live event on Monday 7th February. Click here to watch the recording

Facebook Live - Rebrand
Click here to watch the recording

“We have taken the next step in our growth journey with a brand new look,” Ronan explained, “but it means nothing unless our salons are on that journey beside us.”

Together, We Grow.

Article originally written in January 2022 and updated for accuracy in July 2022


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Donna Stothard
Donna Stothard
February 3, 2022 5:48 pm

Loving the new look and admire your growth over the years. Such dedication and so inspiring. Well done to you all.