What If All Your Clients Spent An Extra £10 Per Visit?

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What If All Your Clients Spent An Extra £10 Per Visit?

What if every client spent an extra £10 per visit?

How many clients do you have? 500? 1000? 5000?

What if all these clients spent an extra £10 with you per visit? Hell, what if even a percentage of them did.

Recent Phorest research has shown that, on average, our clients would have roughly 2,000 clients. Lets say that on average the majority of these clients visit you 8 times per year. If you could get 35% of your clients to spend an extra £10 per visit that’s an extra £56,000 in revenue for you this year! This is an achievable and realistic goal – You only need 35% of your client base to do this. Worst case scenario is only 10% of your clients do this – This still equates to an extra £16,000 for you in a year.

This is the basis of the Phorest Loyalty system. We want your clients to spend more money with you. The Phorest system knows your client’s information, what services they spend their money on, how much money they are spending. What we want them to do is spend money on services that they would not normally spend their money on and our system will help them do that.

Let’s say you have a regular Facial client who spends £40 with you every 5 weeks. They have their Loyalty key tag which they present each time they visit. After 3 or 4 visits they have enough points for a free reward, which is an Express Manicure normally worth £14. They receive their FREE Express Manicure on their next visit with their paid regular Facial. This client likes the Express Manicure so much that she now has this to accompany her regular facial every time, increasing this clients regular spend by £14 per visit.

This is only 1 client, imagine doing this with 35-45% of your client base.

Over the past 3 months I have studied some our Loyalty user’s data and the results are extraordinary. On average, of the clients who are receiving the free rewards, between 35-45% of these clients are going on to buy, what was a free reward, again.

All you might be missing is the personalised key tags, which we provide for you. Get in touch with me, Barry, in the office and I will draw you up some samples!

“It is very easy to use, our clients love it and we will definately continue to use this in my salons as it keeps our client Loyal”

Mary Gilmore Beauty Essence

Mary Essence is the owner of the Beauty Essence chain in London, UK, their average return rate of clients who go on to purchase the free reward a 2nd time is 42%.

Why not request a demo of our salon software today? We can help you get more clients, back more often spending more!


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