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Never have an empty column or an empty month again. Phorest's free Marketing Calendar template plugs every month of the year with a campaign relevant to your business and gives you marketing tips, business building ideas and all the key actions you need to take to have a full marketing calendar for the year ahead.

First, let's find out where you are in the world so we can create a calendar around the public holidays and retail dates that matter to your clients.
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Next, tell us what type of business you are in so we can suggest campaigns that will drive bookings to your salon or clinic.
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Finally, tell us about the channels you'd like to use to promote your campaigns throughout the year.


Here's a little recap of the benefits of each of your options:
  • Email: Free to use if you are a Phorest client, with proven-to-work templates and the ability to segment your database
  • SMS: Reach a higher percentage of your clients by sending them a short and sweet call to action straight to their phone - our data shows that revenue generated by Phorest salons sending SMS campaigns is 11 times higher than the cost of the message!
  • Social Media: Talk to your clients in the places they spend their downtime - their favourite social media platforms! Boost your posts with a paid strategy to find new customers.
  • Google Ads: Your customers are spending more time purchasing and researching online than ever before. Make sure your salon appears when they are.
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads: Run ad campaigns in Facebook and Instagram so you increase your brand awareness to a bigger audience. Use our Phorest Ads Manager ad-on feature to help you run ads that attract new customers, retain existing ones, and save those which haven't been in the salon for six months.
  • Don't forget, the best campaigns are multi-touch, so use many or all of these channels to get the best results.



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