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6 Tips For Christmas Open Days

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6 Tips For Christmas Open Days

Get motivated for Christmas by holding an open day for yourself and your clients. A Christmas event is a great reminder that visiting you might be just what they need! We all need a little ray of sunshine in our lives, if not a haven in which to retreat from the madness of this holiday. So why not remind your clients that you are there and help them feel that little bit special during the festive season. Create a fun day that clients and staff alike can enjoy.

Sue Woodall

What can you expect to get from your Christmas event?

You and your staff will be motivated because open/event days create excitement and excitement is contagious! This event will generate word of mouth excitement and a Christmas buzz. Your

audience will be there because they’re interested in hearing about you and what you have to offer. Entrust your employees with responsibility at this event as it will bring out the best in their work. Empowering staff at this time might be the best thing you can do for your business, as you will need all the help you can get from your employees on the run up to the busy season. Finally the event creates an excellent showcase for all your Christmas ware.

Steps to get your open day started

#1 Brainstorm the event with your staff.

They speak to your clients every day and they know what’s current and what they would be interested in. Delegate tasks for your employees as this shows that you trust your staff, be fair and include everyone in the process.

#2 Create a campaign around having your Christmas event.

Plan it, remember campaign means raise awareness, make the campaign so exciting that clients will want to participate. Plan to take pictures at the event to upload onto Facebook and get your clients to tag themselves. Growing the traffic directed at your page.

#3 Create a Christmas theme that reflects the uniqueness of your business.

Use Facebook to market your event. Facebook loves conversations so the more you talk the more excitement will be created. Use pictures, video’s and links to create intrigue into what’s going to be available on the night. The aim of this event is to get people talking about your business, create a sense of curiosity to drive interest.

#4 Tell your clients there will be a free goodie bag at the event.

(Ask your reps’s to give you samples for goodie bags and maybe donate a raffle prize.)

#5 Have spot prizes, give clients a free raffle ticket!

#6 Finally tell your clients in advance that you will be giving exclusive offers for the day.

Remember good business is about up selling, forget about discounts and look for ways to add value when creating offers.

Good luck and have a really exciting fun filled day to remember. Don’t forget to thank your staff for all their input too. Enjoy your Christmas event and just watch the renewed enthusiasm that everyone will get!

Sue Woodall, a salon management expert, has been running successful salons for more than 20 years and now works with Phorest salon owners. is the leading salon software company in the UK and Ireland.


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