8 Ideas To Market Valentine's Day In Your Salon And Get More Business

1. Make your Valentine’s Day gifts stand out.

Cut out all the work for your customer and your Valentine’s Day gifts won’t stay on the shelf for long. Make sure to add Valentine cards or tags to your gift certificates, gift cards and even retail products to help clients see them as Valentine’s Day gifts. Make it obvious to customers. You know that they would make great gifts but they may not think about giving them as gifts. Upload these to Facebook as gift ideas so that even the people who haven’t visited your salon this month know about your Valentine treats.

2. Market to the right shoppers with specific Valentine’s Day gift suggestions.

More often than not most of your customers are women and so they are your main target market. Find a way to communicate with the men in their lives when it comes to purchasing gift cards as Valentine gifts. Don’t assume that they will see your products and services as gifts, they need to be advised on what to get and who to buy for. Send an SMS from your Phorest software to all the men who have purchased gift cards in your salon over the last number of years.

3. What about the guys?

Think about what your male friends might like, for example men’s grooming gadgets make great Valentine’s Day gifts. Have gift ideas located around the salon such as beside mirrors and sinks and pop a poster in the window letting passers by know that you have the perfect gift solution awaiting for them inside. Make it obvious by pre-packaging them and displaying them at reception.

4. Create your own IOU Valentine’s Day coupon book.

In relationships, couples often write IOUs for back rubs, foot rubs, etc. Take inspiration from this in your salon by creating Valentine IOUs which customers can exchange for a free add-on, branded promotional item, sample size retail product or another gift with their next purchase.

5. Send a virtual Valentine. Create a Valentines themed email for your clients.

You could do this in addition to (or instead of) your February email newsletter. In this email we suggest that you make Valentine’s Day gift suggestions. You could also use this opportunity to let customers know what kind of care they can expect, each and every time they visit your salon or spa, from every staff member.

6. Valentine’s Day hair, makeup and makeovers.

Give your clients some inspiration this Valentines by compiling celebrity photos to create Valentine’s Day date night looks customers can request for hair or makeup in preparation for Valentine’s Day dates. Offer an all inclusive package with spray tans, shellac nails etc to make sure your appointment book is booked out. Optimise your chances of getting people in the door by promoting these as Valentine’s Day makeover or pampering packages as gifts men should purchase for the special women in their lives, trust us most men will appreciate the help.

7. Host an open house or introduce happy hours.

Create an event like an open house or happy hours where you demo hair and makeup for Valentine’s Day. Also show the products needed to recreate these looks. Create promotions that offer double treat points for appointments booked in or products purchased in February for your best customers, or all customers. Or assign double points to a service that could benefit from a promotional boost. This is an opportunity to reward your loyal clients.

8. Make your own Valentine’s Day decorations.

This takes a bit of work, so might not be for everyone but can make your salon look and feel more festive. Create your own cut out Valentine’s hearts using craft paper and inside of each include quotes about love. You could include special discount codes in some. Give one to each customer every day in February until Valentines Day or for the entire month, (the more you give away, the more impactful this idea will be!)