How SMS Marketing Helped Me Book Out My Appointment Book

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How SMS Marketing Helped Me Book Out My Appointment Book

I don’t like looking at white space in my calendar. I take a lot of care with how I schedule my employees and try to make sure that everyone always has enough treatments to keep them busy.

Despite my best efforts I found myself with therapists scheduled to work and empty slots in the calendar. Even though it’s June the weather was miserable outside and people were just not booking in like they normally would.

So I asked myself what treatment I would value the most on a miserable day. I decided that I would love a massage and since short massages are one of our highest margin treatments, I decided to do a campaign on a 30 minute back massage at 25% off.

I sent this out to 871 of my clients letting them know that we only had 10 slots available. I was delighted and astounded by the result- within minutes of sending the message out we had our first call.

The scarcity tactic really seemed to work and despite only advertising 10 slots we booked in 15 appointments, which was perfect for filling the amount of free slots in our calendar.

I am really pleased with the results- we spent about £60 on SMS costs and got £300 worth of revenues. I deem this to be more or less pure profit as I would have to pay my therapists anyway.

Given the success of this campaign I have decided to really work on my marketing calendar. I am newly motivated and I really feel that SMS marketing will be an integral part of this. I can’t wait to start using this tool to its full potential and seeing what it can do for my business.

Rebecca Mihalceanu is the proud owner of Beauté of Royal Tunbridge Wells. Her salon has gained the Collin Resultime Award of Excellence every year since 2007. This is in recognition of their high standards of customer care, quality of treatments and continued business excellence.

Why not request a demo of our salon software today? We can help you get more clients, back more often spending more!


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