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How to make Facebook your most effective marketing tool!

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How to make Facebook your most effective marketing tool

Make sure that first thing a visitor notices when they visit your Facebook page is your online bookings. By incorporating your online bookings with your Facebook or Twitter page, they can be quickly transformed into additional revenue streams for your business. As you discuss the latest looks from the red carpet with your clients they might be reminded that they need to book an appointment and book straight from your page.

Make sure that all your endeavors lead to clients making appointments. The less obstacles between the call to action and the action the higher the chance of your clients booking an appointment. This particularly works as they don’t have to change medium, they can book online because they are online rather than having to pick up the phone which they might have to postpone for various reasons (in the office, at the library, no phone on them etc). You probably know yourself that when you postpone something you generally end up forgetting it. With online booking they’ve no reason to postpone, they can just do it now, in their own time.

Jessica Lalor is a Marketing expert at Phorest. She is currently completing her masters in Marketing at the UCD Smurfit School of Business. Her speciality is in Online and SMS marketing. If you would like to contact her please email

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