Monkey Business Or Man's Business

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Monkey Business Or Man's Business

A lot of salons can get a bit nervous about adding men’s treatments. But the thing is there is an opportunity for much greater revenue if you tweak a few things to include male treatments. It can seem a bit daunting and often it can even seem like men aren’t interested, but men’s beauty is increasing tenfold, so you need to make sure you’re getting your fair share. Here are our top tips on making your salon man-friendly.


#1 Your female clients are key.

Every woman knows a man that they would love to spruce and pluck. Do them and yourselves a favour. Encourage your female clients to bring a male into the

salon on their next appointment to experience a treatment and award those women with a complementary product. Once you get them in treat the first timers to a choice of a free brow/nose or ear wax! These are things men are paranoid about and once they see the simplicity of the service they are more likely to return.

#2 Rename your treatments to ‘man friendly’ terms.

Perhaps ‘he wax’ or ‘boyzillian’. Develop your services menu to include treatments for males. If you do this they will feel more comfortable in your salon. Additionally a room in the salon which is unisex using products which have a neutral aroma. Appeal to the male in every situation from service to atmosphere.

#3 Men love products but you need to show and tell them about the products.

Spa’s can utilise this opportunity by supplying guys with stuff they will use. Products that combat ingrown hairs, reduce irritation from shaving and body washes are growing in popularity. Be the first to introduce them to these products and they will soon become regular clients.

#4 Develop packages for men!

Give male clients the opportunity to enjoy multiple services in a single visit. At first they may find it awkward making appointments. A package will allow them to get numerous treatments without having to go through the booking process again and again.

#5 Men will be the first to avail of online booking as they value discretion.

Promote your online presence to find the shy men in your area. They will gain confidence and maybe tell a friend which will be beneficial to your business.

#6 Finally walk into your salon adopting a man’s mindset..

If you are overrun with gossip/bridal magazines you are not male orientated, they will run for the hills. Take away some of the photos of women and include some of men enjoying treatments. Include magazines such as Forbes perhaps to create a comfortable waiting area for your male clientèle.

P.s. Don’t forget to advertise that men are welcome on any promotion and on a sign at the entrance.

Helen Carroll is a marketing expert here at Phorest. She has recently graduated from Maynooth University with an Honours Degree BBA in Business and Management. If you need any marketing advice you can email her at


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