60 Second Read: Salon Branding – What Does Your Salon Mean To Your Clients?


When you think of a company like Apple what comes into your head?

Even if you don’t own an Apple product or know too much about Steve Jobs and the Apple story you probably have a sense of the ‘brand’ which means it’s more than just a label or an identifier of the products the company makes.

In fact, to millions of people the Apple brand has become a strong emotional anchor they attach to their products and they wouldn’t dream of buying anything else.

Salon Branding


A brand is all about emotion. Steve Jobs said it again and again. “You have to talk about emotional experiences” and this applies to your salon brand too!

Have you ever thought about the words and emotions you want people to associate with your salon? Have you ever thought about the promises you have to make and keep in order to earn an emotional anchor that keeps your customers loyal to your business?

You should!

Simon Lotinga