6 SMS Ideas For Valentine’s Promotions In Your Salon

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6 SMS Ideas For Valentine’s Promotions In Your Salon

Still have a few vacant spots in your diary for Valentine’s Day? SMS promotions are often the quickest way to solve that issue. What most people struggle with though, is what to write in these texts. That’s why we’ve listed six great ideas to add fuel to any Valentine’s Promotions you’ve already got going. It’s the season of love! Let people fall in love with your sense of humour and book out those last gaps. Go on – and don’t forget to add in your own flair!

SMS Valentine’s Promotions: A Little Something For Everyone

For Men Looking For Valentine’s Gift Ideas, Pitch Voucher Top-Ups

  • <<clientfirstname>>, love is in the hair! Avoid split ends – there’s still some time to get her a voucher! Spend more than £60 + get free £20 top-up. Hair 2day 02071009290 <opt-out>
  • <<clientsfirstname>>, is beauty in the eye of the ‘beerholder’? No! Pamper her for today with a voucher. Buy £60 + get free £20 extra.Beauty You 02071009290 <opt-out>

Product-Focused Ideas For The Singletons

  • <<clientsfirstname>>, don’t let Valentine’s Day rub you up the wrong way. Get a Swedish massage & get £10 off any product. Today only at BeautifulU 02071009290 <opt-out>
  • << clientsfirstname>>, be your own Valentine. Spend £50+ in the salon today & we’ll send you a £20 voucher valid for any product on your bday! JimWest 02071009290 <opt-out>

For The Teens & College Students

  • <<clientsfirstname>>, need a date for Valentine’s Day? Can we be yours? Spend over £40 and get a free bottle of wine! TrimHairdressers 02071009290 <opt-out>
  • <<clientfirstname>>, at <BeYouTiful>, we’ve got love for everyone! Get a mani for today & get a complimentary shellac. Click here to book! 02071014986 <opt-out>
* Do NOT copy these directly into your software. Please re-write them in yourself or they will not deliver with the actual first name.

Valentine's Promotions

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