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The 8 Commandments of Impeccable Client Management

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The 8 Commandments of Impeccable Client Management

Like any business, your clients are what keep your business going through good times and bad. While some may be painful to deal with, you can’t afford to lose a single client. Follow these 8 simple commandments and you will build loyal and understanding clients that will want to come back to your salon again and again… and again.

1. Your client is right (even when they are wrong)

Some clients may be misguided or misunderstood information about your salon, prices or styles and treatments. Do your best to accommodate them and give them what they want. Explain the correct information to them in a non-patronising way and make them feel like you’re helping them as opposed to correcting them. NEVER get into a debate. You will always lose as they won’t come back.

2. Spend as much time listening to as many different kinds of clients as possible

Getting to know what makes your clients different is key. Some like dealing with chatty outgoing people and some like to remain pretty silent and just want you to get on with the service. Spend a little time talking to them and gauge their reactions. Learning how to do this will maximise your client’s experience

3. Give them unexpected treats to say ‘Thanks!’

I don’t know about you, but one of my pet peeves is businesses who start taking me for granted once they think they have me in the door. Don’t be one of these people. Treat every recurring customer as if it were their first time in the salon. Here’s a post by Phorest’s loyalty manager Barry Quinn on why treats work.

4. Never stop wooing them and romancing your brand

Similar to number three, never miss an opportunity to romance them about your brand and keep them wooed visit-after-visit. One salon I was recently in had the option of a healthy smoothie as opposed to just coffee and tea – I was well impressed with this touch of class! Remember clients hand over hard-earned cash to get your treatments so impressing them not only builds your brand but makes them feel like they made the right choice and everybody likes to feel smart when it comes to buying.

5. Try to find out what irritates them

If a client is brand new to your salon, ask them where they went previously and why they’ve switched. You’d be surprised how many clients switch because they were unhappy. If they open up to you on the reasons, take note! This info is invaluable to retaining them at your salon and not falling into the same trap your competitor did. These issues could be as serious as having a negative customer service experience, which can be resolved by ensuring you’re always providing top-tier service to clients, or as small as having to deal with a lengthy front-desk check-out service, which can be solved by having a modern salon POS software.

6. When you make a mistake, just say ‘sorry’

Your clients are human. You are human. Therefore mistakes can and will happen. Don’t ever try to cover mistakes up and don’t lie about what happened. It may be too late to save a client but you’re far more likely to appeal to them if you’re just straight up and honest and a mistake is reflected in how much you charge. Assure them it won’t happen again and bring them back in at a lower price or with a gift as a “So sorry, but we really care about you…” gift.

7. Always be faithful to them and their changing needs

Client requirements change over time. Some clients are shy and don’t like asking for something new or indeed they simply aren’t aware of new treatments or styles out there. Show them in passing but don’t be pushy. This makes the client feel like you think about them when you see new things happen in your industry and makes you look like an innovator and cutting-edge therapist or stylist.

8. Love your clients as though you were married to them

Sounds strange huh? But you have to grow to LOVE your clients and their faults, quirks and anything that irritates you. Trust me, they can sense it. If you falsely smile or overdo the love they can also sense it. Depends on who the client is what their personality type is, but wholesome, genuine and respectful will almost always win out.

Connor Keppel is the Marketing Manager at Phorest. You can contact Connor on 0207 100 9290 (UK) or 01 8747800 (Irl) or by email:

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