The Difference Between a Reminder Text and a Confirmation Text

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The Difference Between a Reminder Text and a Confirmation Text

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time at my dentist. From a run in with mince meat that chipped half my tooth to finally biting the bullet and getting my wisdom teeth yanked. So I’ve gotten fairly familiar with their procedures.

How they operate is that they send you a text the day before your appointment asking you to confirm for the next day. This causes me to panic. If I don’t call to

confirm, do they cancel? I’ve not risked it yet. But I think it’s important that salons consider the phrasing of the reminder text. Rather than creating a feeling of panic and making me ring you, simply remind me and I will ring if I need to cancel.

It all comes down to client experience. When I ring my dentist back, I rarely get through and then spend ages waiting for a call back to confirm an appointment I booked at least a month in advance. Your clients are the same, they’re probably really busy and a text that asks for confirmation is just another chore on their plate. So just send a gentle reminder to ensure they don’t forget their appointment.

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