Why Saying “Thank You” to Your Customers Increases Customer Loyalty

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Why Saying “Thank You” to Your Customers Increases Customer Loyalty

Can you put a price on a happy returning customer? Many businesses scramble to find a tool that will impress their customers and entice them to return to their business without paying an arm and a leg for it. The Thank You SMS is such a tool. Our salons have this at their disposal yet, sadly many don’t see the value of saying thank you to their customers.

We all know how difficult it is to attract a new customer to our business yet few salons put thought into distinguishing their customer service from the competition. Lets face it, there are plenty of excellent salons out there that provide the customer with a great service so

the key is to find memorable customer service tools that will make you stand out from the crowd. Believe it or not, being properly thanked for your custom is a rare experience for most clients and it is not just impressive but it guarantees an enhanced customer experience which will increase the chances of that client returning to your salon. Smart salons make sure they make use of the thank you message by including a promotion that will entice the customer to re-book their next appointment.

Still, don’t think that saying thank you is worth your while? Our salons that use thank you SMS have a higher retention rate than those who don’t use it. Surely that is worth the few pence it will cost you to send a thank you message?

Karolina Markan is the Head of the Online Department here at Phorest. She’s an expert on salon marketing and works with salons to help them increase their revenue by using tools such as SMS and Online Bookings.

Why not request a demo of our salon software today? We can help you get more clients, back more often spending more!


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