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WHY Should Your Clients 'Care' About Your Salon Brand?

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WHY Should Your Clients 'Care' About Your Salon Brand?

There’s a reason why many salon owners with a great location, a beautiful salon and high standards of service, look like they’ve got it all together but get stuck when it comes to making their marketing work.

They struggle to explain what’s unique about what they do and why it should matter to their customers.

So they end up sounding the same as the salons around them. When you sound the same your message gets lost in the noise and customers will make their choice based on price or convenience. Decisions made on this basis will NEVER create the long-term, loyal, raving  fans/customers that are the bedrock of every successful salon.

Your Salon Brand’s Message

If your salon marketing message is getting lost (and you’ll know if this is happening because growing your turnover will be hard work) it’s probably because you’re talking about WHAT you do rather than WHY you do it. It doesn’t sound that much different, does it?  However, the difference is huge because a WHAT message is about logic and facts. Customers rarely get excited or really pay attention to logic and facts. What really turns them on instead is EMOTION.

Customers won’t truly care about WHAT you know or WHAT you do until they know WHY they should care. So WHY does your salon exist?

WHY are you passionate about what you do?

WHY should customers laugh with you … Cry with you?

WHY should they think that what your salon brand does is special?

These are the questions you need to answer if you REALLY want your marketing to work. If you find this difficult then you need the latest book I’ve just written with Julie Eldrett the ‘Queen Of Salon Customer Service’. It’s called The Salon Owners Bible and you can download a copy for FREE by going to

Let’s ensure that your salon brand’s message is clear and you retain those loyal and raving fans/customers!

Simon Lotinga

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