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Simply Amazing Salon Door Mat Ideas

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Simply Amazing Salon Door Mat Ideas

Sometimes it is the small, clever touches that really make a memorable moment for your salon’s clients.

Nothing can beat a smiling face upon entry. But having truly gorgeous, original and clever decor for your business can really help make your salon stand out. That can be anything from a fascinating reception desk, some beautiful salon wall art or even your door mat.

That’s right, your salon door mat! Something so minor, so inexpensive and so common that every single business has one.

But you don’t want to be like every other business, do you? So that is why we have put together a fun list of some of the most original and unique salon door mats from around the globe.

Salon Door Mat Ideas

Now that is some fantastic welcome and goodbye door mats!

As you can see, when you put that extra little attention to detail at the entrance of your business, you are giving your clients a tiny moment of surprise. And you’re also giving clients (and non-clients) an opportunity to take a photo and share it online with their friends, colleagues and family! Pretty cool, right?

So, which one is your favourite salon door mat? Which one could you see resting at the entrance of your salon or spa? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter at @ThePhorestWord.

That’s not all! If you liked some of these salon door mats, then you are in luck; as we have put links to a few of them at the bottom of this article!

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Thanks for reading!

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