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Caution: Twitter Mistake Number Three That Might Make Your Followers “Unfollow”.

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Caution: Twitter Mistake Number Three That Might Make Your Followers “Unfollow”

I’ve a huge problem with my Twitter account. Half naked women keep following me and Tweeting me and direct messaging me weird links. You probably get them too and it’s a very obvious type of spamming. So you just delete and block, right? If you’re not…do…even if it adds to your twitter numbers it’s really not worth the hassle of having tacky followers who might at any minute mention you in a kinky post. Yes, these are the kinds of things that keep me awake at night.

Anyway as I was saying…that is a very obvious kind of spamming but if you’re guilty of a more subtle type of spamming (so subtle you might not even consider yourself spam) you also need to stop. So without further ado our third Twitter felony is…

Sneaky Spamming…

1. The pain of receiving the direct message

I will not open a direct message unless I have asked you to send me one with personal details in it so I can give you a call or forward information. Most twitter die-hards feel the same way. Your customer is inundated with direct messages offering them all sorts of offers, pleas to like their Facebook and just general junk. Are you in the habit of rifling through junk mail? I know I’m not unless I know what I’m looking for. So refrain from privately messaging anyone on twitter and get their email address instead. Twitter is all about open conversations.

2. Intruding on your competition

We’ve had this problem at Phorest. Our competition recently decided to follow all our followers, answer our followers questions and link them to her software and cheek of all cheeks contact all our existing clients via twitter. Mass panic ensued when we realised what was happening…and then it dawned on us. What was she going to achieve besides looking like a desperate spammer who can’t attract her own audience? So if you feel the need to intrude on other salons followers- refrain! You might end up looking a little less professional and a lot more like you’re clutching at straws.


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