How Salons Waste £1000 By Using “Free” SMS From Their Mobile Providers

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How Salons Waste £1000 By Using “Free” SMS From Their Mobile Providers

A lot of people get a number of free SMS from their mobile providers through their monthly package and we often hear owners argue that: why should they pay for SMS reminders through our system when they can send SMS for free.

Sadly these people do not think it through properly, they clearly do not consider the time and effort (and cost) it takes to manually enter the phone numbers of clients into an SMS system. Engaging in this sort of system actually costs a salon way more than if they use Phorests automated SMS reminder system.

How can that be? you might wonder. Lets have a look at some numbers. The average SMS costs 6p for a salon. If a salon has 30 appointments in a day that need to be sent an appointment reminder the cost to the salon would be £1.80. If you pay your receptionist £10/hour and it takes her 30 minutes per day (at least) to organise and send the reminders it will cost you £3.20 more per day to have your receptionist doing a job that can be done automatically for you. This amounts to £1000 pounds per year, it will cost you to send out appointments manually through your “free” SMS! And this does not take into consideration the fact that your receptionist could be spending this time looking after clients or working on marketing that will result in revenue for your salon rather than engaging in a costly exercise.

Karolina Markan is the Head of the Online Department here at Phorest. She’s an expert on salon marketing and works with salons to help them increase their revenue by using tools such as SMS and Online Bookings.

Why not request a demo of our salon software today? We can help you get more clients, back more often spending more!


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