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This Years Weird & Wild International Holidays.. And How Your Salon Marketing Can Capitalise On Them!

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This Years Weird & Wild International Holidays.. And How Your Salon Marketing Can Capitalise On Them

Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter…  Why wait for these holidays to come around in order to promote you salon? Every day there is some kind of holiday!

I know, I know.. Most of these Holidays are utter nonsense: Ask A Stupid Question Day (September 30th) or Ship In A Bottle Day (October 4th). But some of these ‘Holidays’ actually do have a bit of promise.

Well, recently we were looking at the official list of International Holidays and a few of them stuck out as possible salon marketing opportunities in the Hair & Beauty Sector.

Instead of you going through the rest of the year’s list, we decided to highlight some of the ones that could be used to get people to come through your doors.

Salon Marketing For Holidays

Sunday September 21st – Wife Appreciation Day


This could be a good one to aim your salon marketing at husbands. Just like when Valentine’s Day rolls around, here is a good chance to upsell some vouchers and/or some retail products. They could get their wives a nice massage voucher, a pedicure or even just a blow dry!

Friday October 3rd – International Boyfriend’s Day


Only 2 weeks later, International Boyfriend’s Day arrives. Here’s another salon marketing opportunity to promote your business! You could drive traffic through the door by offering deals on hair or nail treatments. Or simply turn it around and have the girlfriends get their boyfriends a voucher for a treatment.

(When I graduated from my college, my girlfriend booked me a 1 hour massage… It was one of the best treats I could have been given!)

Thursday November 6th-  International Men Make Dinner Day


Again, this is a good chance to do one of the above ideas

Thursday November 13th- World Kindness Day


Show your clients you care by doing something kind. This doesn’t really have to be caluclated salon marketing. It could be something that happens in your business, or even just donate your time to a local charity. By promoting kindness, you are also promoting yourselves as a business that isn’t just in it for the money. And that is something that your clients should respect & appreciate.

For some more ideas to promote your brand through kindness, click right here!

Friday November 21st- World Hello Day


There’s loads of salon marketing ideas you can do for World Hello Day. Invite people to drop by and say hello. Or go digital and offer something special to people who Tweet you a Hello on Twitter.

Saturday November 29th – International Small Business Saturday


Here’s a day dedicated to promoting the support of Local Businesses. All you have to do is let your clients know that the day exists.  This one should definitely go into your salon marketing agenda.

Wednesday December 3rd – International Make A Gift Day


Here is a fun one! You could advertise that in celebration of International Make A Gift Day, you will reward each of your clients with a little gift. This doesn’t have to be much either! But what a great, simple gesture to gain a little more business on that Wednesday.

Thursday December 4th- International Wear Brown Shoes Day


A quick & easy salon marketing promotion for this day is to reward clients who wear brown shoes with a special deal or a gift. This could be anything from a free blowdry to a small gift bag of sample products.

Monday December 8th- International Brownie Day


Do you enjoy baking? Why not celebrate International Brownie Day by whipping up some tasty treats and giving them away to your clients! Start promoting it on Social Media in advance to get people to book on that Monday!

Friday December 26th- International Thank You Note Day


The day after Christmas! What a perfect time to simply thank your wonderful clients for their support! I’d say a Tweet or a Facebook post ought to do the trick. You could even schedule it in advance, in case your Christmas festivities are still going..

And that wraps up 2014 for us! What do you think? Would any of these International Holidays make for a good marketing opportunity for your business?

Let us know what you think.
Oh and stay tuned for some great Halloween marketing ideas that we will be releasing next week!

Chris Brennan is our Social Media & Content Marketing Executive at Phorest Salon Software. For any and all help in this area, why not drop him a quick email at Let’s Grow!


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