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3 Motivational Videos That Can Inspire a Team to Fulfil So Much More Than Just 'Salon Jobs'

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3 Motivational Videos That Can Inspire a Team to Fulfil So Much More Than Just 'Salon Jobs'

Posted by: Connor Keppel, Marketing Manager, Phorest

The team here in Phorest talk to hundreds of salon owners every single month. Often, we hear salon owners talk about the salon jobs they need filled and the type of person they are looking for. Equally, when it comes to the salon jobs that they have already hired for, we hear in some instances about an under-performer – a therapist or stylist who is capable of so much better.

It happens in every business worldwide. No matter how tight your recruitment process is, sometimes someone walks through that door on day one that you have invested time, money and hope in, and unfortunately, they do not meet your expectations.

Funnily enough though, it is rarely about skills – it is almost always about attitude. People who have the right attitude, up skill. People who have the right attitude, work harder, because they want it more. People who have the right attitude, do it for the right reasons, not because they have to.


So here’s the thing. Every one of us who has a great attitude sometimes hits a rut. We stop believing in ourself. We tell ourselves we don’t want it. We find an excuse that is really just fear or disappointment disguised as practicality.

It is easy as a manager for us to turn a blind eye when we’re busy or worse, not face up to the problem and fire, rehire and put them blame upon that person rather than spending time with them to help them achieve whatever it is that gives them purpose.

Of course I’m not saying that every hire is right for the role and that it is entirely your responsibility that every person succeeds. It is just our responsibility as a manager to ensure that every person has the opportunity to succeed and we help them get there.

Now when I personally hit that rut, I pull out my motivational playlist on Youtube.  You see, almost always after I hear someone else tell me ‘I can do it’ it makes a change. And also, it makes me think about the others on the team and I how I can help them and how we can work together.

Anyway here is a list of REAL motivational videos that will make you rethink everything and push yourself harder!

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Have a listen: 

1. Jim Carrey – The Secret of Life

(Click Here For Mobile)

The message: “The affect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is”.  From a guy who has earned millions of dollars and is a superstar, it is powerful message about finding the real you and doing things for the right reasons i.e. doing it for others.

Message in the context of salon jobs: I love this video because it is a great way for people to understand why putting other people first (such as the client or colleague) is the purest and most guaranteed way of getting ahead.


2. Compilation – Dream

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The message:  Whatever your dream is, don’t give up.

Message in the context of salon jobs: you may be going “WHOA! What if they just up and walk out to pursue their dream if it has nothing to do with the job they’re doing now?”. Investing time in people to help them towards their life goal proves to that person you are investing time in them and you want them to succeed for them, not just for you or the salon.

Sounds risky I know. But I promise you if you invest more in them, they will invest more in you. I recently even heard from someone who owns a barbershop and he lets the team take two working hours every week (paid) to go work on their dream or hobby. One guy for instance pops out from 2-4pm on a Thursday to do music lessons so he can work towards releasing an album. The result? The owner tells me he has never had a worked with a team with such an amazing attitude & work ethic! His team genuinely want to help that owner to achieve all they can because they knows the feeling and effort is mutual. Powerful stuff 🙂

On a related note, check out our recent post on ‘How to win friends and influence people’.


3. Apollos Hester – Post Game Interview

(Click Here For Mobile)

The message: It is ALL about attitude

Message in context of salon jobs: this isn’t a motivational video in the traditional sense but wow is he motivational. This is a great video on attitude and perspective. In fact it is so good, they made a song out of it!


This is not even the tip of the iceberg, If you type in ‘motivational video’ into Youtube you will get some incredible videos to share with the team, watch yourself or share with clients.

Have you any videos, books or motivational techniques you would like to share with us?

We’d love to check them out!



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