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Phorest Charity Event Recap: All Smiles & 1950 Vibes

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Phorest Charity Event Recap: All Smiles & 1950 Vibes

Every year, we organise and host what we call the Phorest Charity Event, an annual event for a local charity in our community.

This year, the Phorest Charity Event was in support of The Friends Of The Elderly. What better way to support them than by hosting a dinner dance day in The Gresham Hotel in the heart of Dublin – where the whole Phorest team and The Friends of the Elderly members dressed in their finest 1950’s attire.

A Day At The Gresham Hotel

On their arrival at the Gresham Hotel, The Friends Of The Elderly were welcomed by many of the Phorest team, all dressed up for the special occasion.

Then, the members had a sit-down meal, enjoyed a live performance of some of their favourite songs of the 50’s and enjoyed a first class make-over by our very own professional in-house stylists and therapists. Some even walked up on stage and sang classics such as Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” accompanied by the talented band, Jaker & Co! Quite the voices they had, too! Very impressive.

Of course, we wanted to capture the emotions and the smiles of the many people attending the event. So we had people filming, taking printable polaroids and regular digital pictures and spread the love on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat!

Video Recap

To give you a better sense of what we mean by all the above, we’ve made a just-under-3-minutes video recap which you can have a listen to below. We really mean it when we say it was a truly beautiful day!

Phorest Charity Event Photo Recap

To contrast with the video recap, we went for an all black and white aesthetic in our pictures of the day. Here are a couple of shots. To see the full photo album, visit our Facebook page right here!

Extremely well received, the event was a total success and Jim O’Brien, Chairman/Hon. Treasurer at The Friends Of The Elderly even said, referring to the efforts of the team and the day in general:

“Thank you for your wonderfully generous support for Friends of the Elderly.

We are so grateful for the funds that you and your colleagues brought our way and for the time and energy that they all brought to the event on Friday. Their fundraising efforts were really impressive and their cheerful and enthusiastic participation on the day made the afternoon a truly memorable occasion for our Elderly Friends-many of whom have probably never been entertained before in the Gresham.

It’s hard to explain just how our much our seniors love to mix with the younger generations…such friendship is  a very precious gift for them.”

Thanks for reading! 😀



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