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Salon Visual Marketing: The Golden Rules To Stand Out

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Salon Visual Marketing: The Golden Rules To Stand Out

In 2015, results from a study made by technology giant Microsoft revealed humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish. Yes, you read that right. While goldfish are believed to have a 9-second attention span, we have fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds, 15 years later. Over a decade of digital screens and lifestyles. Keep this in mind when you create your next salon visual marketing campaign: you’ve got one chance to catch your viewer’s attention before they click on something else. Will you hit or miss? The power is in the visuals.

Salon Visual Marketing: People, Eyes, Product

Choosing The Right Colours

The first thing to think about when advertising online is colours. Why?

Simply because eyes are naturally more attracted to aesthetically pleasing colors – dominant and complimentary colors mixes.

salon visual marketing

salon visual marketing

For example, take the banner image of this article. Notice how the purple wording blends naturally with the yellow tones in the image.

salon visual marketing

The visual branding of your salon is one of your most valuable assets. When done right, it will help you get more clicks without having to spend more on ads.

Humans & Positive Vibes

Observed by many studies, a user is more likely to be interested in an ad that shows a human because it’s easier to identify with what is being represented.

How convenient that you own or manage a salon? 😉 You always have “models”… just think about all the Before & After photos you take. If you’re interested in getting information on techniques to take strikingly beautiful portraits for your salon, check out this article here.

Also in ads – say you create a Facebook ad – you could go a step further in salon visual marketing and use photos with people who fit the target audience you’re trying to sell a product or a treatment to.

salon visual marketing
Smiling mature woman putting cream on her face

As for positive vibes, I mean try to use photos that convey happiness and other positive emotions,as they also resonate more with consumers. Emotions are, after all, a universal language! 😉

Another universal language is body language. You can read all about that, right here. 😉

Making Your Brand Stand Out From The Competition

When creating visual campaigns to sell a product, a trick is to “give context”. For example, if you were to sell a facial, using an image of someone getting that facial will make potential customers instantly understand what you’re advertising for.

Another thing that tends to work well for grabbing consumers’ attention is combining striking visuals with call-to-actions (see an example below).

salon visual marketing

In short, go for striking pictures, be human, colorful and positive and see the performance of your advertisement campaigns increase!

salon visual marketing

WARNING: Make sure you refresh your visuals! You might find a winning visual along the way, but beware, its brilliant performance can’t last forever! 😉

To Recap On Everything

Your key pointers to keep in mind:

  • Choose the right colors
    Aim for complementary colors & make sure what’s most important stands out.
  • Shows humans
    Psychological but true, your clients will more likely click-through your campaign if you show humans.
  • Know that happiness sells
    Positive emotions are the key here & eye contact conveys trust and serenity.
  • Use striking images
    Attention span for emails is short, you need something to grab the attention quick; patterns and striking images tend to work well.
  • Choose images with a focus
    Again, for attention span reasons, images with a focus helps quickly focus on your message.
  • Think about concept first
    Pick your image after you decide on the concept. Make it reinforce your message.

Online visual advertising may be an art, but like all things, it’s all about taking the time to do it right. Oh and while you’re here, why not grab your FREE copy of The Beauty & Hair Salon Owners Ultimate Guide To Facebook today and start putting our salon visual marketing tips in practice!

salon visual marketing


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