Phorest GO Salon Management App

Take all the most powerful tools from Phorest Salon Software and put them in your pocket – manage your salon, staff, clients, stock and marketing from any device, anywhere.


The Phorest GO salon management app comes with all Phorest Salon Software packages. Book a free demo to see how it can help your salon!


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Manage your salon from anywhere, any time

Running a salon or spa is a 24/7 experience, and you need a tool that can accommodate the demands of your around-the-clock work schedule. The Phorest GO App works on iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. Log into the app from any device, anywhere and see exactly how your salon is performing.

Digital Consultation Forms

Go paperless! Let clients fill out GDPR compliant consultation forms on the iPad and store them in their client profile. Create custom forms or choose from our template library – search by treatment or by brand. Save time & keep up to date – the form pulls client info from your records and automatically updates your records if they make any changes.

Powerful Reporting

Know exaclty how your salon is doing at all times with powerful yet easy-to-use reporting. Access all the reports from the software on your app too! Everything you need to know about your salon financials, sales, stock, staff, business performance, clients and marketing ROI. Break down all reports by salon member, branch location and date.

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Use the app to see how your salon day is looking. Create and edit appointments – change the times or switch appointments between staff members.

Store all your client information, consultation forms, history and notes in one place, safe in the cloud and access it via the app. Give your clients the personal touch every visit, from the chair, with notes on their past styles and treatments, preferences, upcoming events, life milestones, kid’s names and more.
Keep your phone’s camera roll clear and store your before and after pictures and treatment progress pics in the app, safe in the cloud. Attached the pics to the relevant client card so you can easily find what a client is referring to when they say ‘the same style as last time’! Easily search and share portfolio pictures straight to social media using the Phorest GO Salon Management App.
Did the client decide to upgrade to a hair treatment at the basin; or opted for a full manicure when they only booked in for a file and paint? That’s great! And staff don’t even need to leave their station to let the front desk know. Staff can use the Phorest Go mobile app in their pocket to make the changes to the appointment, integrating seamlessly with the front desk for payment.
Is the front desk too busy right now? No need to have clients wait – check them out and process their payments right from the chair with your POS software on your tablet or smartphone.
Take the chore out of stock takes – just scan the barcode with your phone’s camera, enter your stock count, and you’re done! Integrates with your POS hardware and keeps numbers up to date.
Give staff access to create appointments or view their rosters on the Phorest GO staff app. Staff can manage their portfolio from the app – uploading before & after pics of their clients, which you’ll own, browse and share to social media. Create as many staff logins to the app as you wish, and set access levels to the app by staff member or by position to protect your data.

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“Phorest is easy to use, it does everything apart from making your client’s tea and coffee! It works on iPads, iPhones, the training is excellent and company support is amazing, they really want to work with you and grow your business.”

Donna Ward, Clinical Director, Allure Aesthetics, UK

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