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Spread Love With These February Salon Marketing Ideas

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Spread Love With These February Salon Marketing Ideas

Every celebrated holiday brings new marketing opportunities. And because February is the season of love, we thought we’d put together a free toolkit full of February salon marketing ideas that say thank you to both your customers and employees. As Mother Teresa once said, “Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” Hope you enjoy!


February Salon Marketing Ideas To Market Your Retail

At Phorest Salon Software, we believe that retailing goes beyond a sales pitch and a monetary transaction. For this reason, our retail marketing strategies tend to put the emphasis on building trustworthy relationships with your clients and truly listening to their needs and concerns.

Products & Treat Gift Boxes

This is a really simple idea that can run all month long. We tend to associate February with Valentine’s Day, but that can easily alienate clients who find themselves single or lonely at that time of year. By promoting product gift boxes to a broader target audience, you’re making sure no one is left out.


If you’re single or perhaps in a ‘shaky’ relationship, you’re not going to feeling romantic or be into Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes just saying bring a friend, sister, mother or daughter or treat yourself and be your own Valentine is much more effective. Very few salons have the right market for his and hers packages!” – Mary Gilmore, from Beauty Essence, London (click here to read the full interview)

For graphics to help you market your packages and offers with a Facebook post, download this free package of February salon marketing ideas! Just fill out the form at the end of this blog!

Marketing With Samples: ‘We Love You’ Scratch Cards

People love samples. The beauty of them is that you can target people who’ve already bought previous products, those who manifested an interest in your salon or spa and potential clients in your area.

For best results:

> Give away something that becomes a part of their daily life (so they come back)

> Give away samples of products with a high perceived value (makes the offer more enticing)

Which brings me to “scratch cards” – you often see these in retail stores. They’re actually quite easy to make DIY style (check it out here) and can really add a little extra touch to your marketing throughout February. Please note there are companies out there who specialise in creating these cards (google “print scratch cards + your region” and you should come up with something).


If this is something of interest, first things first contact your product suppliers and see if you can get free samples from them. Decide how many samples you’re willing to give away and create your scratch cards from there.

For example, you have 50 samples of Product #1, 200 samples of Product #2 and 150 samples of Product #3. You’ve got yourself 400 scratch cards. If you give a scratch card away after every appointment, you create a fun surprise element and most importantly, 400 new opportunities to get clients using a new product on a regular basis if they enjoy the tester. Pretty cool, no?

Valentine’s Day

The reality with this holiday is that certain promotions and marketing ideas work for certain salons while others not so much. Like Ellen Kavanagh from Waxperts said in a previous interview we had with her, “many clients are not going to be celebrating Valentine’s Day. They might have no interest in it or they may be single. So it’s important not to alienate these clients. Include everyone! Instead of gearing your promos to ‘date night preparation’ etc. why not go with a ‘love yourself!’ angle. That way all your clientele can benefit.”

Send Your Special Offers By Email & SMS

Apart from using social media, you can (and should) send campaigns by email and SMS. Don’t be afraid to let your clients know about your promotions. In fact, without a decent promotion of your offers, you won’t get people redeeming them!

* For Phorest clients, have a peek at the new email template we’ve uploaded recently. Find it in the Email Marketing section of your software.

* For Phorest & non-Phorest clients, download your free February Salon Marketing Ideas – includes 10 V-Day Email Subject Lines & 10 V-Day SMS Templates – just fill out the form at the end of this blog!

Random Acts Of Kindness

The easiest marketing idea this month: simple and random acts of kindness. Take the time to say thank you to your most loyal customers. Perhaps treat them with a little surprise asking for nothing in return. Here’s a video that could give you plenty of ideas on how to create magical client experiences using your Phorest system!

Instagram Posts

Instagram is great for generating brand awareness and announcing promotions! Why not share inspirational or thank you quotes on your profile throughout the month? Plus, letting your clients know how much you love them will naturally be reflected in your Online Reputation – people love to know they’re appreciated. Your clients will be more likely to give your a 5-star review! 🙂

Extra: February Team Building Activity

The saying goes “a healthy mind in a healthy body” for a reason. Back from the holiday madness, organizing a yoga class with your team can help unwind. As a bonus, it’ll bring the team together for an amazing 2017 start!

Thanks for reading!


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