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Get Set Up With Online Bookings Before You Get So Busy You Can’t

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Get Set Up With Online Bookings Before You Get So Busy You Can’t

“I need a serious haircut, but I didn’t get the time to book myself in for one. With work, kids and everything else in between, I just don’t think of ringing up. I wish I could just book something online while I commute or before I go to bed.”

Have you ever heard this before?

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Online Bookings: Another String To Your Customer Service Bow

How many of your clients stuck to their computers 24/7 could book online if they were in a rush or couldn’t get to the phone? Let alone to your actual location?

Think about this: thirty percent of appointment bookings happen when you’re closed.  The easier you make it for your clients, the more likely they are to book in. So offer them as many options as possible. It’s all about customer care.

Having an online salon booking system integrated with your salon appointment software gives your clients a solution to book on their busy schedules, while also letting you keep full control over the minimum notice and which staff members and services can be booked online. Better yet, they help reduce no-shows by 99% and save your salon on average 5 to 7 hours of admin.

While this can be implemented via a traditional online booking system and accessible via buttons and widgets, Phorest also offers a range of customised, branded beauty and hair salon appointment apps that offer online booking. Downloadable from any app store and available on your clients’ phones, they offer quick, easy, seamless online booking.

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Get your salon ready to take online bookings via your branded salon app before the next busy season begins! Because really, there’s no point in missing out on additional revenue. And if your salon or spa already has online bookings, click here to find out how to get the most out of the feature!

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Featured imaged shot on location of David Ryan Salon, in New York City. © 2018 Phorest Salon Software. This post was originally published in November 2012 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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