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Girl Empowerment Beauty And Hair Salon Music

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Girl Empowerment Beauty And Hair Salon Music

Kicking off a new week can require extra motivation; it’s not always easy to get back into a routine. And so we thought we’d help out by uplifting the mood. To celebrate independent women everywhere (but hey let’s face it, especially in salons!), we’ve put together a playlist that has “girl power” written all over it! From Shania Twain to Whitney Houston to Christina Aguilera, we’ve got you covered for 2 and a half hours of girl empowerment beauty and hair salon music.

Beauty And Hair Salon Music To Make Your Monday Feel Brighter

I was going to create a poll earlier this week in order to see what the next Spotify Playlist theme I should go with, but then it dawned on me. Girl Power tunes! They always feel great and put people in the mood. Perfect for starting off yet another week. Plus, I can guarantee you clients who walk in won’t be able to resist a smile at SOME POINT in their appointment. And so, without holding on to this beauty and hair salon music playlist any longer, enjoy!

hair salon music

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[Tweet “Did you know the term “girl power” was made popular by the Spice Girls in the mid-to-late 1990s?”]

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Sometimes, all you need to put a smile on your face is a few good playlists. 😉

hair salon music

We hope you enjoy this brand new Phorest Playlist! Did we miss any classics? Either drop a comment below or tweet us at @thephorestword!

Disclaimer: Please note you need a licence to play music in public. Spotify state they are not comfortable with public consumption of music through their platform. It is the salon’s risk and responsibility to play the following playlist in their salon. Please check the terms and conditions of Spotify for public broadcasting.

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