How to Know When Your Distracting Yourself and 3 Ways to Fix it…

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How to Know When Your Distracting Yourself and 3 Ways to Fix it…

Very often we can find ourselves overwhelmed with too many things to do and not enough time to do them!!! Now the Olympics are over , (boy it came around so quickly now it has been and gone) the next focus should be on Christmas (gasp) … That is such a daunting thought for most of us especially when it comes to organisation and where do I start thoughts…

Have you ever found yourself stuck? Not able to get to grips with a project you know you should be doing (it is on your mind 24/7) and yet you don’t seem to be able to get to grips with starting it? Recently this came into my mind. As a fairly organised person I realised, boy do I distract myself when I have a project to do. And inevitably I end up doing too much at the last minute and creating way to much stress in my life. Sound familiar?

First insight

How to recognise distraction and excuses phrases like

  1. I’m too busy I don’t have time “= distraction
  2. I have too much to do today (finding other tasks that are less important) = distraction
  3. I have a meeting = excuse
  4. I need something from the shop = distraction
  5. Fancy a coffee = downright distraction

Any of these sound familiar?

Well I have found that the thing that you most avoid doing will be the job that when completed will give you the most satisfaction and that’s fact… I have found that the thought (very often the where do I start thought) is the biggest hurdle. For example sometimes when I have something to write I have to scribble on a piece of paper to get started, one or 2 words onto a bit of paper grows into articles or projects which lead to goals, achievements, getting started is the main hurdle, once you get into the flow as they say you’re on your way…

The power of three works for me. It is said that 3 is a magic number and I always start there.

1. Set your goal

Get it out of your brain and onto paper. That’s the first step. When it’s written it will start the process of your goal coming into fruition. If it is work related sometimes it is good to do this with a staff member/manager or anyone that you can bounce ideas off. In my opinion two minds are always better than one – it has a kind of mastermind effect so the more the merrier.

2. Focus

Set yourself a goal and plan how often you will work on it. Breaking goals/projects down into bite size pieces is an excellent way to start. Make sure though that if you commit to it 3 times a week – schedule it in. Be consistent. I find first thing in the morning is the best time to start, when you are fresh and ready to move. That is just my preference, I have friends who work better in the evening. Just be aware that excuses and distraction are your weapon of choice so move temptations out of the way if you intend to work on your goal towards the end of the day.

3. Little and often

The power of 3. When you set yourself tasks in relation to your goal or project, list 3 actions because 3 actions are achievable, as opposed to 13 which will overwhelm. Have you ever found that when you have a small list it gets done?! Yep, small lists get done so much quicker and with less hassle. Too many actions may mean (excuses distractions and any reason to get out of the task in hand)…

With Christmas around the corner, campaigns and promotions on the horizon there is no better time than NOW to start your plan.

Try this method and see how you go!

Happy planning enjoy…

For those who want to know more…Sue Woodall is a salon business consultant who has worked in and with hundreds of salons over the last 20 years – you can contact her on

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