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Integrate Your Marketing Communications for More Success

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Integrate Your Marketing Communications for More Success

When someone visits your website they should immediately notice your other social media channels. Have Facebook and Twitter buttons on your homepage and again on your “contact us” page.

Embrace Social Media

Make sure visitors to your salon also know you are present on these sites with signs on reception saying tweet us or like us on Facebook. Your clients aren’t going to know you’re there unless you tell them. In your Twitter and Facebook bio make sure to have your website linked. Use both Facebook and Twitter to promote your salon as some of your client base could be divided between Facebook and Twitter. Remember the more times your clients hear something, the more likely they will act.

Jessica Lalor is a Marketing expert at Phorest. She is currently completing her masters in Marketing at the UCD Smurfit School of Business. Her speciality is in Online and SMS marketing. If you would like to contact her please email


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