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Let our Experts Show You How to Harness Facebook’s Potential with our New Training

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Let our Experts Show You How to Harness Facebook’s Potential with our New Training

Facebook can transform your business. It’s not just a free marketing tool…. it is the source of a whole new revenue stream and the curtain to a wider audience than you could ever imagine. In short, it is the key to success to your business as time moves forward.

At this point it seems like you all know you should be on Facebook or you’ve tried to set up a profile, maybe you’ve a few likes (but not enough!!) and a smattering of special offers posted? Do any of these sound like you? Then whether you know it or not, you need a Facebook Doctor.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Facebook is constantly evolving, people are always joining and there are new ideas being formed. Clients aren’t sure what they should, could or even want to write. It’s all a huge grey area for many businesses…a grey area that we are all too happy to help you colour in. We have the luxury of having some Facebook experts on board and we are harnessing their skills in order to bring you the latest in Facebook Advice.

Our training is tailored to meet the needs of each client: From setting up a business page, getting a business web address, marketing tips, idea generation, launching a competition to building an audience… we have all angles covered. So if you feel like your Facebook needs a little tender love and care. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction, show you what you’re doing right and also what might work a little better.

For more information or to book Facebook training contact Alvy Carragher at

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