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Phorest's Salon Guide To The International Holiday's Of March

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Phorest's Salon Guide To The International Holiday's Of March

Did you know that March is officially considered the Umbrella Month? In fact, every month has a similar title (February is the Heart Month, April is the Garden Month, etc).

But another interesting fact is that every single day is an international holiday of some kind.

Considering the fact that International Women’s Day has just come and gone, we thought that we should put together a list of the very best (and appropriate!) salon holidays that you can use to your business’s advantage.

Not only that, but we will also get the ball rolling by coming up with a couple of salon marketing ideas that you can put into action ahead of time!

This month, we will be looking at unusual salon holiday ideas for the rest of March: 

March Salon Holidays

Saturday March 14th- International Ask A Question Day


First one up is the International Ask A Question Day. Pretty random, right? But there is a way to turn this odd celebration into a pretty effective salon holiday!

It can be as simple as asking clients questions on social media. I’d recommend multiple choice, as you will get a better response.

Or take a little inspiration from the game show Jeopardy: put answers on Facebook & Twitter and reward people who can get guess the right Question.


Monday March 16th- Lips Appreciation Day


You can have a lot of fun with this salon holiday. How about you buy a few different types lipstick and give it away to each of your clients on that day?

Or perhaps you could promote a lip colour in advance, and reward all clients who walk through your door wearing that colour?

Maybe just have some fun on social and ask your fans to post photos of their lips. Randomly choose a winner who gets a little prize.

Oh, and we just happen to have a graphic that you can use for that right here:



Thursday March 19th- Client’s Day


This one is perfect for a salon holiday. It’s a great way to show clients that you are just as big a fan of them, as they are of you and to simply say ‘Thank you for choosing us’.

For instance, you could give free Blow Drys to the first 10 clients. Or maybe bake some tasty treats and give them out to each customer that day.


Friday March 20th- International Day Of Happiness


If you were going to go with the International Day Of Happiness, then I would suggest creating a promotion where you remind clients that your services and treatments are designed to make them happy.

You could give out free TreatCard points to your clients to make them happy as well (this tactic could also go into the client’s day promotion also).



Saturday March 21st- Single Parents Day

We have heard of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but what about Single Parent’s Day? What better way to show that you are a caring and supportive company than by taking the time to shine a little light on these every day heroes.

Now, there are a number of things you can do for single parents in your salon (special single parent treatment, etc), but at the very least, you can show your support on Facebook and Twitter with these graphics:salon-holiday-ideassingle-parents-day

Monday March 22nd- As Young As You Feel Day


This is a fantastic one to turn into a new salon holiday. Whatever aspect of the hair and beauty industry you work in, it is easy to say that your work goes towards making people feel happy and youthful right?

How about you take this day to give a little love to the over 60’s? You could even promote this to their children. Have their son’s and daughter’s surprise them with a wonderful treatment or service. This could become an annual salon holiday for your business.

Wednesday March 25th- Waffle Day


Okay, so there’s only a couple of ways to go with this one. But let me ask you this: Who wouldn’t appreciate a free waffle every once and a while? Maybe it’s not even for clients. Maybe the waffles are for passer-bys and pedestrians who are walking by your salon door or of course, your team.

Maybe you are hesitant about making your own waffles. What about partnering up with a local cafe or diner and work together?

Thursday March 26th- Purple Day


As you know, at Phorest, we’re all about purple! Such a funky and vibrant colour definitely deserves it’s own international holiday, right?

But this holiday actually has a more noble meaning behind it. You see, Purple Day is about raising funds and awareness for epilepsy.

Now there are tons of colour orientated ideas you can do to promote the cause (and your salon) on this day. Whether it’s special offers for clients wearing purple, or maybe even a Purple Product Give-Away, you are sure to have loads of options for this day!

Why not go a step further and tell your clients that a certain amount of money they spend with you on that day will go towards the epilepsy campaign?

And that wraps it up for the salon holidays of March. Hope you enjoyed these. If you think you might plan something around one of these days, let us know. We’d love to hear about it.

Oh yeah, and if you’re looking for more holiday inspiration, then check out our article on some more weird and wild salon holidays right here.

Chris Brennan is our Social Media & Content Marketing Executive at Phorest Salon Software. For any and all help in this area, why not drop him a quick email at Let’s Grow!


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