5 Ways To Add Clients To Your Salon & Spa Email Database

We’ve all felt like this at one point: you login to your email account only to find out half your inbox is filled with marketing emails you don’t remember signing up too in the first place. Now you’re on the other side: you are a salon owner and your salon & spa email database is a crucial tool to stay competitive amid other businesses.

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Sending out news and promotions through email is absolutely necessary nowadays. Question is: WHO are you sending these emails to and HOW do you gather your clients email addresses without being perceived as irritating?

The importance of an emailing list

Email marketing can definitely sound very daunting at first. Where do you start? How do you set up and grow your salon & spa email database?

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This should not be a reason to be scared off: email gives you the power to connect with clients in a much broader way. You can reach mobile customers, keep your clients informed, inspire online and in-salon purchases and sales and best of all, it’s inexpensive!

Phorest’s 5 easy and subtle ways to ask for contact salon & spa email addresses

The psychology behind asking for a “favor”, or in this case your client’s email address


A little like retail, asking for a client his or her email address can be an uncomfortable thing to do. You don’t want to come off as pushy, the demand should come in a way more subtle way.

Don’t draw it out! When you want something, just get to the point. To help you do this without sounding like you want the email for marketing purposes only, here are 5 simple and subtle ways to have your clients agree to giving you their email addresses.


  1. After a transaction, ask to which email the receipt can be sent to. A great way of pitching this if they ask is you are being environmentally friendly AND they can’t lose the receipt – all they have to do is search their emails for it. Win-win!
  2. When registering a client at the front desk make sure you ask for the customer’s email address. Make that contact information mandatory.  If you are busy and it is a new client, a great way to do this is to hand them a form asking for some simple details. Research has shown that most people will fill this out. If you are using Phorest, we have a Smart Client Card where you hand an iPad or other tablet to your client and they fill it, automatically populating your database on our software. Slick right?
  3. When a client books an appointment over the phone, ask for an email address for future reference and in case you need to notify them of a problem. If you already have one, maybe just ask “Is your email address still mary.test@gmail.com?”. This will help you keep your database updated.
  4. Encourage clients to book online, they will need to provide an email address. Or include a link at the bottom of a your appointment reminders saying ‘Book your next appointment online’. A subtle way to encourage email collection. (Register to this webinar and learn more about Phorest’s online booking system.)
  5. Run a quick online survey on Google or SurveyMonkey (with our tips!), as providing an email address to participate will be mandatory. Look out for a post coming on how to create Google and SurveyMonkey salon surveys.



It’s never been so easy to gather emails for your salon database. Fill out the form below if you don’t have Phorest’s software and wish to request a demo. We will bring you through all of the techniques shown above, including online bookings, emailing receipts and much more!

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