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VIDEO – Salon Summit Speaker Spotlight: Niall Harbison

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VIDEO – Salon Summit Speaker Spotlight: Niall Harbison

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Niall Harbison you will know how down-to-earth he is. However, his modest nature is certainly not reflected in his astonishing achievements.

Niall started out his career as a chef and worked his way up to being a personal chef for Paul Allen (billionaire Co-founder of Microsoft) before getting into marketing and social media. Since the recent sale of one of his first companies (a social media agency called ‘Simply Zesty’ ) for millions to U.T.V.,  he has founded a food blog and food company called Lovin’ Dublin and an imagery company targeted at journalists called PicStash that has raised almost £500,000 in investment.  He also recently became a best seller with his first book Get Sh*t Done!

What We’ll Learn at the Summit

As the only non-industry speaker at the Salon Owners Summit, Niall will introduce us to how the world of social media works; what it takes to turn a small company like a salon into an industry leading name; and how to lead the life you want to live while running your own business.

Niall Harbison has spoken all over the world and has appeared on almost every major media outlet including Bloomberg, so having him at our first annual summit should be a magical experience.

Niall popped into us in his USA ‘onesie’ recently on Halloween, to have a chat and give some expert advice to the Phorest blog. Enjoy… and remember, don’t miss out on your chance to see Niall Harbison and a whole host of industry leading speakers at the summit. Book your ticket here –> I’m Ready to Learn How the World’s Best Salons will market themselves in 2015 

Need more info about the event? Request a call back from me (Alex) or one of our team.

Video Teaser – Top Tips from Niall Harbison

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Alex Quinn is part of the marketing team here in Phorest and is organising the Salon Owners Summit. Have a question for Alex or Niall Harbison? Drop an email to 

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