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Fresh Summer Vibes For Your Salon Music Playlist!

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Fresh Summer Vibes For Your Salon Music Playlist

Alright. Here’s the deal without any big fluff: we made you another Spotify salon music playlist seeing as the response from last summer’s Phorest salon playlist was so great.

There it is. Funky fresh vibes for you to try out this weekend!

Playing the right music in your salon will have a great impact on sales and overall client experience. For example, while classical music tends to increase sales and lead customers to buy more expensive products, faster paced playlists will help counter post lunch slumps. If you’re interested in these fun facts, read more about music’s influence on buying behaviour, right here.

Your Brand New Curated Salon Music Playlist

Curating suitable business playlists is not as easy as you think it is… the main thing is that it takes time. But I guess you already know that. So we reiterated last year’s success and put together 50 fresh summer vibes for your salon music playlist!

In this one, you’ll find carefully put together -some upbeat, some slower- tunes that make you feel good and puts a smile on your face. For the real expressive ones, maybe it will even make you dance a bit (I was dancing when created it – no jokes)! 😉

“Phorest! Get to the playlist!”

Without any further chit chat, ENJOY! Click here or on the image below to follow, play and vibe with us for the next 3 hours. 🙂

salon music playlist

Do you have any suggestions or special requests? Either drop a comment below or tweet us at @thephorestword!

Not a Phorest Salon Software Client and feeling curious? Why not click here and find out how we can help get your clients in more often spending more!

Thanks for reading!


Disclaimer: Please note you need a licence to play music in public. Spotify state they are not comfortable with public consumption of music through their platform. It is the salon’s risk and responsibility to play the following playlist in their salon. Please check the terms and conditions of Spotify for public broadcasting before using this list.


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