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What is The Difference Between a Marketing Campaign and a Marketing Promotion And Why This Matters To Your Salon

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What is The Difference Between a Marketing Campaign and a Marketing Promotion And Why This Matters To Your Salon

Recently I have been reminded about how the little things we forget, don’t know or are not aware of can make all the difference when it comes to marketing your business. Whilst teaching it occurred to me that the difference between the words campaign and promotion needs to be clear and understood, as there is a fundamental difference in terms of what they mean when using them in your business..

A marketing campaign – The definition of a marketing campaign is “an activity designed to promote and increase awareness of your business and one or more of its services.

A marketing promotion – The definition of a marketing promotion is the promotion of one of the four elements of the marketing mix in your business being (product, price, promotion or distribution).

So marketing your business is not just about money off promotions, there are many aspects of your business that you can promote without offering money off. Your campaigns should be planned and consistent and everyone in your business should know what the campaign is about. For example think about beauty product houses e.g. Clarins (they have a whole team dedicated to marketing so this is just for an example) they know in advance what they what to promote they launch through campaigns the different aspects or elements of their company. It may be a product or the launch of a new treatment alongside a value added promotion (usually money off is restricted one a quarter or if something is not selling well).

A good marketing campaign might have as its purpose to increase sales of Facials for the long term in the salon or spa. Whereas a promotion may be just done to fill up a quiet week. Most salons think in terms of promotions which are short term and therefore miss out on the long term benefits of a good marketing campaign.

I hope this difference in terms helps when you are planning your next quarter for marketing I know you are busy people with so much to do but armed with your new information alongside a little planning, brainstorming with your team they sky’s your limit….

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Have a good week as always you know where we are if you need us….

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