Why Discounting Is 100% Wrong!

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Why Discounting Is 100% Wrong

One of the main reasons discounting can be harmful to the long-term health of your business is that you can get stuck in cycles of constant money off or percentage off offers. What can tend to happen is that the trend only ever goes one way, the percentage gradually increasing until you are pushed to breaking point.


Though it may generate short-term revenue, long term you may see clients being loyal to the “sale”, rather than to your business. On top of this, alot of businesses have been driven to the daily deal sites, offering massive discounts and most of the time just about covering the cost of the service for sale. Many have found that these deals don’t bring the repeat business they hoped for from the original sale. In fact salons and spas have attracted discount hunters and already existing clients, in effect making the deal a loss for the business.

The TreatCard solution

To maximize your clients spending potential the solution to this particular problem lies in a rewards scheme. With the TreatCard your clients gain points every time they spend money with you, and earn bonuses for referring on friends and colleagues to your business (Making it win win for you and your client). Rather than offering discounts and money off, the TreatCard rewards your clients with a service they have never tried before , or if you are a hair salon a product they have never had before. The main benefits of this is:

  1. You can stay away from discounts (Options of offer double points days etc instead)
  2. Your clients continue to spend their regular amount
  3. You will gain new clients through the referral scheme, and also when word gets around about your innovative TreatCard programme
  4. By opening your clients up to these new services and products, your will get a percentage of your clients paying for these in future, INCREASING their average spend per visit

Through our detailed reports you will then see for yourself in black & white:

  1. How many clients have received free “treats”
  2. How many of these clients have come back and paid for this on another occasion.

It is really easy to implement.

  1. All clients get a key tag branded with your logo
  2. You scan their key tag in and they get points each time they spend money
  3. The system will alert you when they have enough points for a “treat”

There is little to no risk with this. We guarantee results.

Barry Quinn is in charge of TreatCard Loyalty system for Phorest. You can contact Barry on 02071009290 in the UK or 018747800 in Ireland or by email



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