Client ReConnect: Salon Client Retention Software from Phorest


The Days Of Losing Loyal Salon Clients Are Over

Let’s say one of your regular clients was due to come back to your salon this week for a hair, nail or beauty treatment, but you notice they still haven’t even booked an appointment.

Did you know that every week that passes by, the chances of them never coming back rapidly increases? How can we ensure you don’t lose these clients for good?

Welcome to Client ReConnect! The industry’s first-and-only automated Client Retention software solution.

How Does the Salon Client ReConnect Retention Software Work?

Imagine for a second you had someone in your salon dedicated to making sure that your best clients came back. It would probably look a bit like this: they would dig through your client list, find the top clients who haven’t returned according to schedule, and then contact them to book an appointment. Sounds like a lot of work?

The good thing is: Client ReConnect is automated!

With Phorest Salon Software’s Client ReConnect, you can:

  • Automatically track all overdue salon clients
  • Segment overdue clients by service
  • Send a ready-made SMS or email message from their preferred salon therapist or stylist

Find out more about Phorest Salon Software’s groundbreaking feature today, and let’s ensure that your regular clients stay your regular clients.

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