We’ve Upgraded Online Booking!

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You may have noticed we have just upgraded Online Booking! We’ve automatically rolled out some new improvements to your booking page. These changes were made with both our clients and your end-users in mind to make it as seamless a process as possible for both sides.

We’re happy to let you know that we’ve already processed over 1 million bookings, with an average client rating of 4.8/5! ⭐️

Here are some of the exciting changes to Online Booking:

Modernised Booking process with a Device-Friendly Homepage 

With the fresh look of your new Online Booking, your clients can easily book appointments from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. We’ve made sure that the experience works seamlessly across all devices, to make it as effortless as possible. 

The new homepage will give you a better, branded look for your business that has multiple functionalities, including Gift Cards and access to your Online Store. Our aim was to create a modern and mobile-friendly experience that keeps your clients engaged and excited about booking with your salon.

Improved Booking Flow and Effortless Appointment Management

We understand that your clients have their favourite stylists or therapists. That’s why we’ve revamped the booking flow to allow them to choose their preferred staff right at the start of the booking process. This personalised experience will make your clients feel more connected and excited about their upcoming appointment. 

We’ve added a more flexible ‘cart’-style booking management system. With this, your clients can easily add, edit, or remove services with just a few clicks, giving them much more functionality at their fingertips.

Enhanced Branch Selection and Team Information

We wanted to make sure that management of multiple branches was easy and hassle-free. The new branch selector feature ensures that your clients effortlessly book with their desired location. This will ensure there are less instances of bookings in the wrong location.

Additionally, we’ve created an “About Us” page and Gallery to showcase your fantastic team and their outstanding work. Make you and your team stand out from the competition by showcasing your talented staff members. This means you can streamline the booking process while highlighting your salon’s expertise across all your locations.

We’ve made some important additional user experience upgrades

These updates include:

Consistent experience across platforms

We understand it’s important to protect your customers’ experience by ensuring consistency regardless of platform.

Quick and Easy Service Search 🔎

We’ve added a search field to help your clients find their desired services quickly.

Update Personal Details📝 

Your clients have complete control over their personal information. They can update their name, mobile number, email, and password with ease.

If you run into any issues, our dedicated support team is here to answer any questions you may have.

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