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Get Your Copy: The 2017 Salon Owner’s Guide To Facebook

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Get Your Copy: The 2017 Salon Owner’s Guide To Facebook

With close to two billion monthly active users, Facebook is too big to ignore. And while the platform represents a huge potential market for your social media efforts and business, there’s a hiccup. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd without paying for advertising. Which brings me to this one big question: in a world of content consumerism, how does one build a successful strategy on the king of social media platforms? So, what are you waiting for? To download your copy of The 2017 Salon Owner’s Ultimate Guide To Facebook eBook today, click here!

The Salon Owner’s Ultimate Guide To Facebook [2017 Edition]

A few years ago, Phorest Salon Software’s marketing manager Connor Keppel wrote an amazing eBook to help salon owners and managers on their Facebook for Business journey. We know just how hard it is to keep up with Facebook – it’s always changing! This is why we now present you with the Salon Owner’s Ultimate Guide To Facebook – revisited and revamped for the very first time.

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What to Expect From This eBook

The Phorest Salon Software 2017 Salon Owner’s Guide To Facebook will help you:

  1. Build: A great Facebook presence and using Pages for your business
  2. Understand: Your audience, Facebook insights and your page’s figures
  3. Create: Great content regardless of the chosen format (video, status, link, article, photo)
  4. Advertise: With step-by-step guides to boosting posts, using custom audiences, creating lookalike audiences from your client list, and using Canvas to tell stories

By the end of this eBook, you will have everything you need at the tips of your hands to skyrocket your online marketing – from setting up your business page to answering questions like ‘should we be advertising on Facebook, and how?’.

Download your copy for free here!

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