No Labels, No Boxes, Just Humans

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Owning or working in a salon, whether it’s hair or beauty driven, comes with great reward. One of which is the diversity that comes with your client base and seeing them truly happy with your service. 

In fact, you probably know all too well that there are more than just two types of people in the world, which is why at Phorest, we’re determined to change the game. 

With Phorest you can finally let your clients be themselves with Gender Neutral software. Simply go into Manager>Settings and under the General tab, select the ‘Gender Neutrality’ option.  Your Gender Neutrality settings will automatically be set to “No”.  You can remove gender settings in your Phorest software, by selecting “Yes”.

You may need to download the latest versions of your Phorest applications to see the Gender Neutral settings.

For more information, check out this article.