Say hello to PhorestGuest, your new automated front desk

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Want to move to deskless reception? Or provide an alternative check-in during busy periods?  

Our brand new PhorestGuest app enables you to offer a deskless check-in experience for your clients. Simply load the app onto an iPad or Android tablet, place it near the entrance and let your clients check-in with ease. 

Every time a client checks themselves in, your team will get a notification through PhorestGo so you will always know who is waiting.

What are the benefits of PhorestGuest?

Deskless Check-In whenever you need it; busy periods can mean your front desk is choc-o-bloc. PhorestGuest automates the check-in process and can free up valuable time for your receptionist and other team members.

A streamlined experience for your customers; Your customers don’t need to wait around for you to check them in manually. With PhorestGuest, customers can simply check themselves in and take a seat while they wait for their service to begin.

Rest assured that you will alway be in the know; PhorestGuest syncs with PhorestGo, so that you get instant notifications when someone checks in. This way, you will always know who is waiting.

How do I set it up?

Download PhorestGuest from the Apple/Google Play store.

Sign in using the same details you use to sign into Phorest Go.

Once signed in, your clients can now enter their email address or phone number and tap Start check-in.

After their appointment is found, the client can tap the Check-in button, which will automatically check in the appointment on the Phorest Appointments calendar.

Find out more about using PhorestGuest here.

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