Your Path to Superb Staff Results is Here

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Phorest’s Staff Performance makes it easy for salon owners to keep their teams motivated with easy access to their key metrics.

“Willpower is this idea that, in your own mind, you have the will to get to an end goal or the will to achieve something, whereas way power means you actually see a way to make it happen. You need both to get to an end game. You need to not only have the will, but be forging an understanding of the way.”

Stefanie Fox – Founder of Talent Match

Stefanie Fox has spent 15 years building salon teams and educating leaders on changes in today’s workforce in the beauty industry. After spending 2020 gathering data from over 2,000 salons, she believes the future of leadership lies in empowering teams with not just the willpower to succeed but also the way power.

Of the many tools that Fox highlights as empowering the way power of teams, is our new app-based Staff Performance feature.

Empower your staff, motivating them to track their own KPIs

Phorest’s Staff Performance makes it easy for salon owners to keep their teams motivated with access to their key metrics such as revenue and transactions for services, product retail and client booking. With Staff Performance, this information can be easily accessed by any team member 24/7, all in their Phorest Go app.

Your team can compare their performance over time (eg versus previous week/month/year), encouraging them to improve their results and achieve their goals. Driving high performance amongst your team will help them achieve their targets and, in turn, deliver better results for your business as a whole.

All the key data, at your fingertips 24/7

You’ll be glad to know this is readily available in your system today and it uses the multi-purpose Phorest Go staff app to get the data your team needs straight to their phones.

To access this new feature, salon staff will have to download the latest version of the Phorest Go app, from either the App Store of Google Play Store. Any team member who offers client services will have their key metrics updated in real time in the Staff Performance page.

Reduce time spent printing manual reports for your team

Spending a lot of time pulling reports to track your team’s performance? Staff Performance will hugely reduce this admin. You won’t need to pull reports to provide your team members with their results, as they will have them on hand in the Phorest Go app.

Further Learning On Staff Performance

If you love everything you’ve read so far, learn more about Staff Performance in our quick and easy training video here.

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