Fun Marketing Ideas To Boost Black Friday Retail Sales

In case you hadn’t realised it yet, Black Friday is creeping up fast (November 25th). Meaning, you have 15 more days to plan different types of promotional activities to increase retail sales. We figured that along with prepping for Christmas it was a lot to think of; so, listed in this article are a few online and in-salon/in-spa fun marketing ideas. Remember, you’re not just aiming at generating more sales. Ultimately, you’re also aiming at creating something different and unique that will attract the curious and convert them into customers.

Black Friday Fun Marketing Ideas Worth The Planning

Without ever undervaluing your brand or prices, there are a quite a few easy marketing ideas you can plan for your business. I can hear it already: “It’s just so much simpler to put things on sale”… I strongly disagree with that statement. With just a little effort, you can easily put together winning campaigns to increase retail sales on Black Friday.

Online Promo Ideas

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“The Boss Is Gone” Sale

This idea is all about email marketing. On Black Friday (or the day before if you prefer), send out an email campaign to your customers as if it was sent from your staff stating that you’ll be away and so they’re dropping prices. Something that feels like: “Lucy has an external meeting today, so we’re putting everything on sale!”

Now read this carefully: NO, we don’t recommend you actually discount all your products. Instead, create kits and packages and create the illusion of cutting prices by adding an extra product in – one you might be not re-order and are trying to move, all to make room for the next line of products you plan on ordering.

The “Big Spender” Program

This is one of the easiest marketing ideas for small businesses. You advertise that with every (x) amount spent on retail products during the week preceding Black Friday, the customer gets a complimentary treatment or service.

If you do this, make sure you don’t undermine your prices. Ideally, you’ll want to give a treatment or service worth 20-25% of their retail bill. For example, if you say they need to spend $/£/€120 on products to get the complimentary offer, then that treatment or service’s worth should be somewhere $/£/€24-30.

By doing this, you incentivise clients to purchase retail products and make some profit. Think about it; without the ‘thank you’ gift, they probably wouldn’t have spent the $/£/€12o.

Sidenote, if you’re using the Phorest TreatCard system, you could offer rewards points instead of services and treatments. To see why a good salon loyalty program is a great way to get clients spending more, more often, click here.

In-Salon / In-Spa Events Fun Marketing Ideas

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Open Your Salon Early For Black Friday Only

This is a really simple marketing event idea. By opening just an hour or two early on Friday, November 25th, you allow working professionals to treat themselves before going to work. You can go for the “Get your glam on early this Friday” angle.

Make the event even more appealing by teaming up with a local cafe or bakery and advertise a secret retail limited time only offer for those who dare pop in before work! If you’re unsure about how to proceed to team up with another local business, you might enjoy this article.

Host A Special Product Demo Day

Get some product samples for the day and have a stylist or therapist to demo a line of products for clients. Ask customers what their needs are and suggests products that can help them out. Educate to elevate! 😉

A Mix Of Both

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Black Friday Product Challenge

For this post’s last Black Friday fun marketing ideas, challenge your clients! First, prepare a retail kit. Then, make an example video of how you would use all of the products at once. If they buy the kit, they’re encouraged to send you a Snapchat of how they make use of all products at once. Everyone who tries the challenge and sends you snaps gets an automatic sweepstakes entry. A week or two later, draft 2-3 names and reward them with a complimentary treatment on their next appointment.

This way, you not only get them to purchase retail, but you ensure the lucky winners come in for a treatment to claim their prize!

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To have blossoming retail sale figures is often a major point for salon owners. For one, retailing is evolving hand-in-hand with technology and competing with online point-of-sales can be quite challenging. Not only that but many stylists and therapists are quite apprehensive when it comes to selling retail products to clients.

In spite of that – as industry experts and passionate individuals – you will always hold a significant advantage on technology. Instead of losing sales to the internet, use your knowledge to listen, understand and propose a solution to your clients’ needs. You’ll quickly see them come back asking for more.

As for technology, use it to market your retail products and promotions!

Learn more about marketing your Black Friday promotions on your salon’s Snapchat account by signing up for our upcoming Phorest Academy ‘Introduction To Snapchat’ Webinar!

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Thanks for reading!