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The 10 Components Of The Perfect Instagram Business Profile

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The 10 Components Of The Perfect Instagram Business Profile

You want to put your salon or spa in the best possible position for attracting new clients and getting more online bookings. Social media can help with this, however, on Instagram, you have very little space to do this. The Instagram ‘Bio’ section only allows for 150 characters, and your username must fit under 30 characters. With 2.35 billion users on the app, you’ve got to put all your chances of getting discovered on your side. We did some digging and found that all the best-performing accounts have a few things in common. How does your Instagram business profile compare?

Does Your Instagram Business Profile Tick All These Boxes?

1. Easily Searchable Business Name

Don’t overlook the importance of displaying a clear business name! Your business name is what most people will type in Instagram’s search bar. Assuming you’ve kept things simple and set this to your actual business name, the search results should show your profile straight away, making it far easier to find for prospective clients. 

A major mistake that people make when setting up the name section of their Instagram is building a profile for their business but setting the ‘Name’ section to their actual name (for instance, Zoe). If a potential customer searches for your salon’s name and your profile is set up like this, they may not find you immediately, which increases the chances of them abandoning the search and moving on with their day.

To edit your ‘Name’ on Instagram, go to your profile page and click ‘Edit Profile.’ Type your desired salon or spa name on the line titled ‘Name’ and save.

2. Memorable Handle

Your handle (the text preceding the @ sign in your Instagram) is what people will be primarily using to look you up on Instagram. Similar to your “name” above, a good rule of thumb is to keep your handle as close as possible to your actual, real-life business name.

A good way to test whether your handle is working to ensure you’re being found online is to ask someone who doesn’t follow you to go on Instagram and search for your handle (say it out loud, don’t write or spell it out). If they can find you straight away, you’ve got yourself a memorable handle. If not, it might be worthwhile changing it!

3. Branded Profile Photo

The first thing to know is that Instagram crops your profile photo into a circle. While you don’t have to stress about uploading a circle photo, uploading an image featuring your logo right in the center, so that the corners can be cut off without cutting off your branding, is ideal.

By setting your business’ logo as your profile picture, you can instantly establish brand authority, helping social media users identify your business at a glance and building better brand consistency online.

4. Website Link

Want people to be able to book an appointment from the convenience of your Instagram page? The website link space if the perfect place to insert your salon or spa’s Online Booking link, allowing you to cash in on people browsing your social media by encouraging them to book online, there and then.

Similarly, if posting stories or reels, inserting your online booking link and encouraging clients to click is a great way to boost bookings, attract new clients, and get more money!

5. Compelling Biography

Like your profile photo, your Instagram bio is one of the first things that people will see about your business online. Think about this space as a pitch. Who are you? What are you about, or what’s your vision? Why should someone follow you? Don’t forget, this is where you keep it short: you only have 150 characters to sell yourself.

Generally speaking, writing: what you do, where you’re located, and a catchy USP is an eye-catching formula that works well for salon and spa businesses.

6. Social Media Ads

If you’re ready to truly harness the power of social media advertising, ads are going to be your superpower. With so much competition out there, grabbing clients’ attention by creating professional, eye-catching Instagram ads for your business can help you stand out from the crowd.

Phorest Ads Manager allows you to create, publish, and track Instagram ads right from your system, keeping things simple while you reap the rewards.

7. Notifications Are Turned On

What’s the point of having an Instagram account if you don’t interact with what’s going on in the channel? Make sure your notifications are turned on and that you’re regularly monitoring your inbox, replying promptly to messages and comments to ensure you remain as engaged as your client base.

Stretched for time? Instagram offers the option to pre-schedule automated messages so that your clients feel heard, even if you’re directing them to book online and/or contact the salon directly. Don’t miss a thing and give yourself a chance to be social!

8. Public Profile

As a brand, it’s important that your profile is public. If you keep your profile private, social media users won’t be able to view your content, which will deter them from following you and could greatly hinder your social media efforts.

9. High-Quality Photos Or Videos

This one goes without saying, but when posting on Instagram, it’s vital to keep some level of quality in the photos and videos you share. Take videos on plain backgrounds, choose natural lighting for your photographs, and give some thought before shooting content.

Remember, your social media profiles are a direct reflection of your business. If poor quality isn’t accepted there, it shouldn’t be accepted online.

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10. Consistency

Much of the success of your Instagram profile will rely on whether you’re conforming to best practices as set by the Instagram algorithm, and a big pillar of this is consistency. Make sure you’re posting regularly and planning content in advance, keeping a good mix of photo and video content active on your profile for clients to engage with.

If posting everyday isn’t realistic for your business, creating a schedule where you post a few times a week, and sticking to it strictly, can help.

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